Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blessed Beyond Words

I want to start by thanking our dear friends and family for caring so much about us and our little one, Collins. The cards, gifts, and visits have been so very appreciated. We feel so loved and realize how blessed Collins is to have each one of you in his life! Us too! Thank you for loving our baby. xo

Life with Collins could not be any better. A friend of mine from middle school wrote on my Facebook wall about waking up in the middle of the night with Collins. She said, "Who else can wake you up four times a night and make you smile every time?" She could not have said it any better. Either my alarm goes off or his little coos wake me up and I am literally excited to spend time with Collins. He is so sweet in the middle of the night!

In love with my little one. :)

Trent went back to work for the rest of the week and thank goodness I had Mom to still help me out! It's a two person job! I can't imagine having twins! Mom and I took Collins on his first walk around the neighborhood block and Mom even encouraged me to drive with him in the car. I have been terrified to do this, but she was with me every step of the way. Guess where she sat in the car? Yep! The back seat! It took us a little longer to get where we were headed. I think when I see people texting while driving I'm going to get away from their car as fast as I can!

What a beautiful day!

Collins had a play date with Eliza Jane! Eliza Jane is Kristin's sweet baby. K and I have been best friends forever and it's so neat to see our two little ones together. We've come a long way from those dancing days at Diana Evans! I love this picture of Eliza Jane kissing Collins. It's a big smoochie!

I forgot to write about Valentine's Day on my last post. Since Mom was still staying with us to help out, she said we could go out to eat and she would watch Collins, or she would make us my favorite meal and we could stay home. Trent and I chose to stay home... how could we leave our baby! Mom made our meal so special! She lit candles and even put the flowers that Trent gave me as our centerpiece. We had raspberry lemonade in wine glasses and ate beef fave! Mom watched Collins in the other room so we could have a romantic, private dinner. It was hard to keep our eyes open, but we made it through dinner talking about the special events of the past couple of days. Thanks Mom!

We love you Collins! xo

Our awesome Valentine's Day in love with one another and Collins!

Mom babysitting Collins and Lucie (Mom's dog) during dinner. Lucie is so protective of Collins!

Sweet Collins and his Valentine's Day heart XO

Aunt Sis and her Valentine!

Have a blessed weekend!

PS: This is one of my most favorite baby items! It's a pacifier with a dog hooked to it. Collins can hold onto the dog and the pacifier stays in his mouth! Plus, it's cute!

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