Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I. Love. My. Sweet. Baby. And other babies too! :)

  He is my WORLD!

Playing and army crawling. :)

He loves the camera on my phone!

:) hehe

Mommy!! It makes my belly feel funny!

Remember my friend Megan? Harper is here!!! :) I'm so happy for her and Brian and remember those precious first moments all too well! Sorry Meg for crying at the hospital! xo

Collins waiting on Harper....

Sweet doll baby Harper!

Made this for Meg....for Harper's little things that she collects along the way!
Thank you God for all of your BIG and small blessings!


  1. cutest keepsake box I have EVER seen!!! :)

  2. love the pics of Collins!

    Yes, my goal is to start putting Harper's hospital things in the keepsake box today when Mom comes over to help! :) Such a thoughtful gift!

  3. Thanks Dana!!! :) Hobby Lobby creation! I know you love that place!

    Meg- yay!! :)

  4. Love the picture of Collins on the walking path. And oh my is Harper ever a doll. Congrats to your friends on her arrival.

    Amy F.