Thursday, October 20, 2011

How old am I?

Life goes fast whether you want it to or not! And, when you're having fun, it flies by. It should be the other way around. Why get punished with wrinkles because you're having fun? hehe 29. It's a number. I used to think the 50's were old, until my parents got there. Now, it's not old at all. So, 29? It's 'up' there, but 30 is still a whole year away. :)

Thank you to everyone for your Facebook messages, texts, phone calls, and cards. I was overwhelmed by the birthday love and appreciated everything so much! Thank you for being so sweet!

There were a couple things that I got for my birthday that I want to share. One, because I think you'd enjoy them too for your families or home and two, because they are special!

First, the Pottery Barn Thanksgiving and Christmas advent calendars from my mom and dad. Yes, I asked for these!!! I LOVE decorating and now that Collins is born, I want to start family traditions that will stick with us forever. So, when I saw these, I melted. :) 

The Thanksgiving "Give Thanks" tree is too cute. It has leaf pockets for 'thankful for' messages. It even came with the thankful cards. Trent and I are still figuring out how we want to use it every year and we don't have much time! Any ideas?

The advent Christmas banner is HUGE!!! We are thinking of hanging it on the wall where our stairs split. We have pictures hanging there now, but can totally take them down for this banner. We were thinking that each of us would have every third number (Collins, Trent, Me) and we would fill it with notes for eachother, little goodies, etc. So, Collins would have day 1 and we would write him a love note. :) On his next day, day 4, we'd maybe put a little chewy toy in there or whatever. The pockets are HUGE! Oh, and it jingles!!
Sorry the pics are blurry!

And second, my sister and Trenty got me these really sweet bracelets. MB saw them in Rhode Island when she was there for business and Trent got me the 'C' and 'love' charms at Kolors. They both mean so much to me because one symbolizes, "The Path of Life" and the other is about my sweet baby. :)

A pic of my family from my birthday. :)
Yes, our baby has no pants on. :) Easier for crawling!!

I just know your family has cute traditions and I'm hoping to find some more! :)


  1. I love the advent calendars! Matt actually typed up the scriptures from the christmas story and cut them into 25 sections. We have one section in each door of our advent calendar and read them together each day as a family. We are excited about it this year because L is getting big enough to really enjoy it more!

  2. What a great idea! :) Too cute and what a sweet way to enjoy the story together!

  3. LOVE the advent calendars! what a fabulous way to celebrate as a family. just wanted to say thank you so, so much for your kind words on my dear diary post the other day... the encouragement really means a lot. i enjoyed reading your story and browsing around your adorable blog. i've been playing with the idea of having a KY blogger meet up at some point... would love to have you join:)

  4. I've wanted those dang PB calendars for two years now and this may be the year I actually get one hahaha I am so glad to see them in real life, they are HUGE! So pretty! Glad you had a great birthday!!