Monday, October 10, 2011


This weekend was packed with fall activities!! I LOVE October!

We went to Matthew's baseball games on Friday and Saturday night. His team won the championship! Congrats! Collins loved the sounds and lights at the park. My mom still managed to get him to sleep...she's a baby whisperer for sure!
Bundled up and watching Matthew!

On Saturday we went to the Little Elks Fall Festival! This is a church near my home, so we got to walk and enjoy the beautiful fall trees and weather. I saw old students, parents of my students, and family friends! It was fun shopping....even though I came home with nothing!

Saturday afternoon we went to Oktoberfest at Christ the King. Trent somehow found a front row parking spot and this was much needed considering the dirty diaper we had to change. :) We ran into friends here too and had fun listening to a band from Cincinnati, bidding on awesome auction items, and playing games!! I can't wait until Collins can experience all of this to the full!

Trent won a cake!! But, he chose a pie. :)
Normally my Sundays have consisted of looong runs, but I'm on a break. My lower back is giving me trouble and I just can't chance it with only two weeks to go! If you don't care, would you mind praying for my back to heal? I'm getting more anxious as the race gets closer and I've worked soo hard to do the race and get rid of the baby fat! :) It's been sticking to me like glue! Thank you so much!!!



  1. What race are you running?? And by the way, the running is definitely doing amazing things for ya! That third pic down of you and Trent is amazing! How do you get arm definition from running? I cannot figure it out! Ha.

  2. looks like fun! wished we could have joined my sis and the boys and taken Harper, too!

    cute top! you look so tan and skinny!