Friday, October 7, 2011

Baby Buddies

Collins loves his friends, but he loves his momma (sounds like me!!). I'll drop him off in the nursery at bible study and he'll cry. I'll hand him over to a friend of mine and he cries. We have definitely hit the separation anxiety stage at it's highest. Although I feel bad for the innocent bystanders that go to hug him, at least he knows I'm his momma! In a weird sort of way, I think it's cute...weird huh? I even think his little face is adorable when he's gets all scrunched up and I can see his two little teeth so well! (no more teeth yet!)

He does have a lot of little buddies in his nursery class. While his nursery buddies are in all different kinds of apparatuses, Collins is working on his crawling. Mom said one time he was the only one on the floor...all of the other babies were wanting to be held or swung. Do I have a wild man on my hands?

Collins is army crawling and inch buggin' it across any type of floor. He has a little boo-boo on his big toe from the mileage. He's got one cute little Winnie the Pooh bandaid on. :) He is SUPER close to crawling and knows he can get anywhere he wants to now! Baby proofing the home has started!

One determined little peanut

Really Mom...just let me have your phone!

Oh my....

Sweet Olivia (lives across the street from my mom) came over to play the other day and boy, is she a beauty! She loves 'baby Collins' and wants to hold, feed, and sing to him!!

This is his new favorite thing!

Wow! You're tall!

Little feet xo

Reading my favorite fall book! Got it at Lifeway and love its message!

Look at beautiful Olivia!

Trent came to the end of a Kelly's Kids party to help me load up (thank you!!) and brought Collins so little Sophie Kate could see him. Isn't she beautiful?? Man, these girls love Collins! xo
I want to squeeze them both!

Special Mommy and Daddy time with our sweet baby....
This has always been a favorite. Nothing new here.

Daddy, I love you!

Nothing better than a baby hug and kiss!

Have a wonderful warm fall weekend! I have SO many things I'd like to do!!! Go to Matthew's baseball games, Oktoberfest!!, Little Elks fall festival, and the apple orchard!! :) Hope I can get it all in with this silly back injury. I LOVE muscle pain...AND I'm not allowed to drive! Bummer. :)



  1. back pain? uh-oh! it was a great weekend! we are hoping for a few more so we can take Harper to an orchard in the coming weeks! :)

    Love the last pics with you and Trent and Collins!

  2. :) Want to come this week to see you!!!