Monday, July 4, 2011

Vacay in South Carolina!

Kiawah, SC has become my family's new favorite vacation spot. :) The beauty of the island takes my breath away every time we go there! This was our 3rd year in Kiawah and we are already talking about going back next year. :) It can't come soon enough! There is a marathon there in December and man, I wish I could run that long! I'd go in a heartbeat...what a great excuse to go!! haha

My grandparents from Michigan went with us and we had a blast! We are so lucky to be able to spend more time with the beach especially. My soon to be 80 year old Papa is one of the boys! He golfs, swims, walks, and so much more. He is incredible! My awesome Mamie was busy making Collins little outfits and laying by the pool with the ladies! So sweet!

Here are pics from the trip! I had three different cameras to take them off of and I finally have them organized and in one location! Whew... Also, the pics from my little pink camera are all sideways. I've done everything I can to rotate them, but they won't switch! to figure this out!

Charleston Pics:
We went to Charleston on our way to Kiawah and spent a night there! Of course I snapped pics of Collins at the hotel!
Naked baby! :)
I love when he holds on to me!
Bitty and GranPaul having fun at dinner!
It's soon to be Daddy's Day!!

Where we spent our days! You could see the beach from the house.

Collins in his frog suit and hat! Thanks Ranger family!

The BEST and CUTEST bod at the beach!

Shopping with the ladies! His Mamie spoils him rotten!


Aunt Sis, Matthew, and Collins telling stories. :)


Collins and Papa having special time!

They had the most amazing kids room at the house. Collins had his own alligator to play with!

Going for a ride!

Happy baby!

Mamie time. :)

This boy is already learning how to play!

What a beach bum!

Sometimes it was too hot to go outside, so he watched from the window! :)

Cuddle time :)


Pool fun in his new big boy raft!

He LOVES the water!

The boys going fishing in the ocean!


Almost 4 years of marriage! WOW!

I love you sissy!

GREAT form!

Father's Day! The green and white gift was a gift I made for Trent. I'll post pics later! It's a Hobby Lobby creation! :)

I love my Dad!

Had to! My Dad still has the one I made him when I was little. Collins was a VERY good sport! It took us three days to finish!

Daddy's little caddy!

Love you little one. xo

At Red's Boathouse. Fun night!

Aunt Sis love. xo

Beach Baby!

Mom and her parents!

The boys headed to the Ocean Course!

Date Night. I just love him!

Good smile Matthew! You don't look angry! haha

Good pic!

Creepy pic!

Celebrating birthdays!

Baby rompers are the best!

So are baby flip flops! hehe


Collins' golf buddy!

Daddy can't wait to teach you how to play!

Ocean Course

Collins' toes touching the ocean for the first time!

He couldn't keep his eyes off of the water!

Chubby little face!
Sideways, but one of my faves. :)

Toes in the water!

Island photo!!

Love them!

What a dinner date!

Vincent's ice cream!

Kiawah Concert Series!

This makes my heart melt!

So does this one!!

YOU are the best thing that's happened to us!

What a fun Aunt Sis!
LOVE the palm trees in the back!

sweet face xo
You made it through the 100 pics! :) Thanks for following us!


  1. Love, LOVE, lOvE all the pictures!! Thank you again for sharing stories and photos of young Collins life with us. It is so wonderful to see pictures of your loving, warm, kind extended family too. I miss you all. Hope you are having a fantastic 4th!


  2. Collins looks so cute in all the pics! Glad you had a great time! We love Red's, too! Finally got back there this beach trip!
    :) Megan

  3. This sweet boy just gets cuter and cuter! So happy for you all!

  4. Collins is so cute in his beach wear! Can't wait to meet him in person :)

  5. Thanks guys!!!! We are so very happy! :)

    Meg -We LOVE Red's! Went there twice!

    Kinley- He can't wait to meet you! xo