Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July and 4th Anniversary!

The fourth of July was incredible for so many reasons! I just adore my family and that is what we did all day. Family. We went to the 10K race together, went out to breakfast to celebrate, swam in the pool, ate yummy hamburgs, watched 8 different shows of fireworks from my parents porch (so neat!!), and even did our own little fireworks. :) Melisa-Beth's sweet friend, Maggie, hung out with us the entire day and it was so much fun! What a sweetie she is!
Matthew and Trent

Cute in stars and stripes!
Well, the biggest part of the day for me was the race!! My sister and I completed the 10K early Monday morning. I know this is not a huge deal for many runners out there, but it was such a scary thing for me. When my OBGYN cleared me to exercise (after 8 wks) I knew I had to get back in shape. She was proud of me for not freaking out about my weight and said that many moms start too early and end up back in the hospital. :( I just didn't feel good enough to start running, so Trent and I took many long walks together for those eight weeks. :) It's been a long haul with the weight loss, but I am within 14 or so pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight. I gained 40 pounds exactly and loved every minute of being able to eat whatever I wanted! :) Can I be pregnant again? I haven't been one to over obsess on weight, but it does wear on you at times.

Training for the marathon built muscle and this weighs more than fat, so I wasn't losing the pounds like I was hoping too!! But, I was seeing my old clothes fit again so it kept me motivated! So anyways, sis motivated me to run the 6.2 miles and when she first told me that I laughed. Hard. I was a sprinter in high school... ran the 200, 400, and sprint relays. I was trained to run short distances QUICK, NOT miles! So that first night I ran around the block (maybe a quarter of a mile) and about died when I walked back into my front door. There was NO way I was going to be able to do this! I looked up training programs online and found an 8 week program to follow. I started it the next day and for the first couple of weeks I was sore, had to stop to walk, and even had Trent meet me in the middle for a Gatorade break! By the middle of the program sis and I started to train together, because the runs were getting longer and I needed a running partner. Running by youself can be very boring! Plus, she talks me through each mile and pushes me to keep going when I think I can't! She's the best! Just don't steal her from me! hehe

June was a busy month for us. We had my cousin's graduation in MI, Elizabeth's wedding in Chicago, and a family vacay to Kiawah. We ran everywhere we went (well, went running at the locations...hehe) and I have to say Chicago was the best! It wasn't hot and humid and we got to run by the beautiful lake! Kiawah was by the far the hardest runs and we found ourselves in the peak of the desert. Not fun! My left hip hurt around week 5 and this terrified me. I just did not want to stop and I felt completely defeated. I rested on it for a couple days, used the pool noodle to stretch it out (an online tip I found!), used heating pads, and stretched and stretched until I couldn't anymore. It stayed sore for about a week, but it eventually healed and a wave of calm went over me. At that moment I knew I could do it. My runs became longer, my endurance was up, and I felt like a new person! Our last LONG run was 5 miles, so we went downtown and ran part of the course. Richmond Rd. is the hardest for me. SO long and hilly! We completed the five miles in 52 minutes and I was just elated. I can do it!!!!

Race day came and sis and I ran the 6.2 in about 65 minutes. We had trained with 10 minute miles and stayed close to our goal! We sprinted the last 50 yards (where was that energy?) and we were done!! The family and Matthew had come downtown to cheer us on and the support was SO needed. And the support continued...there were hundreds of people having parties on their lawns on Richmond Rd. and even a band down by Shriners on the turn!! That definitely helped! Thank you so much to my sweet family, awesome Matthew, and all of the supporters along the way! Thank you sweet Collins for my cards and flowers (thanks hubby)! I was so excited to see you at the finish line!!
1.5 miles...still smiling!

He must see someone that looks good in spandex....hehe

Love my boys!

My awesome running partner!

MB and Matthew

Loving the 4th festivities!

hehe  had to!

My little fam xo

So, what now? Yes, I am hooked I guess you could say. It makes me feel good. Running gives me something to do and I hope to keep this up until my next pregnancy (years away :)!). Sister and I are running a mini marathon (13.1) miles in October. I've got us set up on a training program and it's going to be difficult. The middle of the week trainings don't seem so bad, but Saturdays are the long and hard runs. The first day of training was last week and started out at 3 miles. That was almost to the end of the 10 K training. This will be intense, but I'm looking forward to it!

July 7th was our 4th anniversary and so Trent and I had date night. :) Thanks Mom and Dad! Trent took me to Giuseppes (our annual tradition) and then we went to Orange Leaf! We always have so much fun together. We couldn't go five minutes without talking about Collins!! Every year I give him the traditional anniversary gift and this year was fruit and flowers! So....what to give a guy?? I made him a fruity candy flower arrangement in a vase full of golf balls! Trenty gave the most beautiful flowers and together we are going to go to the Lady Antebellum (my fave!) concert in August. I can't wait!

We went to pick up Collins at my parent's house and he was outside on the back deck reading with his BeeBee. He smiled when he saw Trent and I and that made me feel so good!! I love him SO much! The 7th was his second night of rice cereal to help him sleep through the night and he did great!

Our 4 year anniversary pic....spoon feeding rice cereal! This is our beautiful life now! xo
I laugh everytime I zoom in on his face in this one....he is attacking the spoon!


  1. UM, how funny!! I gave Brian a candy bouquet on his birthday...which is the same day as your anniversary! And "Harper" gave my hostesses a candy bouquet as her present to them! Great minds think alike :).

  2. That is TOO funny! :) I laughed out loud when I saw your post! :) xoxo Had SO much fun at your baby shower! I am so excited to meet Harper and can't wait to see her purple and green nursery!