Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life in Film

Yes, I'm addicted to taking pictures of my child. I take over 60 a day. :) And, the amount of videos I take are also accumulating by the dozens. HELP! What do you do when you're picture happy?! The hardest part is organizing all of the pics from my two cameras and iPhone!

I also forget to upload the videos, so here are some of our faves. Trent and I replay them all the time and laugh. are addicting!

"My little chicken nugget flapping his wings!!"

"Dirty diaper laugh!!"

"Collins and BeeBee being silly!"

What are some new things that Collins is doing?
  • grabbing my elbow, arm, and shoulder to suck on :)
  • holding his bottle ALMOST all by himself
  • laughing and smiling on demand
  • his toenails are now growing
  • he laughs when I change his dirty diaper every time!
  • squeals!!
  • grabs anything put in front of him
  • makes great eye contact
  • sits up in a high chair and in shopping carts
  • sleeps with his behind up in the air
  • loves to watch tv and the computer
  • likes to bounce in his bouncy chair
  • loves peek-a-boo, but only when you say the words really low!
  • grabs hair constantly!
  • puts his binkie in and out of his mouth
This weekend we are headed to Ohio for my cousin's wedding. Eleanor is going to be a beautiful bride and I can't wait to see her and my Rooke family. My Gran E that lives in Texas hasn't met Collins yet and I'm SO excited for her to meet him! He has his cowboy hat and boots ready for Gran E! :) It will be a wonderful weekend with my large Rooke fam and I love the craziness of it all!

On a side note:
When Trent and I decided that I'd stay home, the first thing I did was cry. The second thing was a promise that I'd help supplement the income. If I could make a little here and there it wouldn't be so intimidating. We could go out to eat still and enjoy the little things that we liked doing together. :)

I was motivated this past weekend to get the ball rolling on singing at wedding and funerals. I've been blessed to be able to sing at a few weddings and funerals in the past, but I kept wondering if I could 'really' do this part time or even full time. The minister and his wife at the church this weekend asked if I would sing for them on occasional Sundays and they said they'd recommend me for weddings at their church. I got in the car and called my mommy right away. My dream was comng true. Singing is one of my biggest passions! And, when I can praise the Lord doing really is the BEST! So, I'm putting myself out there and we'll see where it goes. If nothing comes of it I can still sing at church and especially to my little baby boy. :)

PS: I promised a while ago to post of a pic of the Father's Day gift I made for Trent. My good friend Lya gave me an awesome idea and I flew off with it! Collins loved eating the letters and putting his little feet through the holes! SO much fun to do and create! Gifts made with love are the best!

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  1. the Father's Day gift turned out great!! And I love watching Collins grow....even if it is virtually! Someday (hopefully soon) we'll get the kiddos together to meet :) xoxo