Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Collins' Four Month Photoshoot

Yes, these are about two weeks late, but that's ok! Better late then never, eh? When I took the pics on the 9th, I made sure to capture his new favorite thing...his cute little toes. :) Just hysterical!

His little tongue is always at work. :)

I rolled to my side at 4 months! Now, at 4.5 months I can roll all the way over!!!!

Saying, GOO!

Love this one!

Look at that arm definition! xo

Such a big boy!

My laundry room is one my favorite rooms (crazy I know), because I have monthly 8x10 pics of Collins on the wall. So far there are four and I love looking to see how he's changed over the months. I'm going to take these pics up to 12 months. It's hard to imagine he was so little at 1 month! His eyes have changed the most. They were very small when he was born and now they take up a fourth of his little face. His eyes already know how to get everything he wants. :) The question is, what am I going to do when I have more kids and need a place for their monthly pics? Well, I have no answer. Do you have a good idea? My laundry room is not that big and of course my entire house if packed with pictures already. Pizza and pictures...two of my faves. :)

Laundry room exhibit. :) Makes doing laundry WAY more fun!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

PS: My 40 minute run was awful yesterday. I feel somewhat defeated and am praying for strength and confidence to get through the 6.2 mile run on Monday. Sis and I ran 5 miles on Sunday (52.04 min.) and I am sooo tired. That's not even a very fast pace! I worry about my sis. She's the running pro and I hate for her to have to go at a slower pace just for me. She says she's not running for a time and I hope she's being truthful!!! I can honestly say that I couldn't do it without her and I mean that! She motivates me the entire way, holds my Gatorade, and even when she's tired and out of breath, she still finds the strength the talk me through it. I thank God all the time for my sister, but man have I ever been thanking him lately! She's just oh-so-wonderful! Thank you sis for believing in me the past 10 weeks. I went from not being able to run 2 times around the track to now being able to run 20! My old jeans fit now and I have YOU to thank! I love you! xo

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  1. Love all of collins' pics! And i love them in your laundry room. Ps- I need a sister like MB- I want to put my old jeans on!