Monday, July 18, 2011

Collins' Visit With Kennedi!

Trent's parents came down for a visit and my little niece, Kennedi, could just not stay in Bloomington! Thankfully, she tagged along with her grandparents and got to stay with us all by herself! What a beautiful little girl she is and what a GREAT help she proved to be. I would have kept her if her mommy and daddy wouldn't have missed her. She changed diapers, fed him, and dressed him! She even wrote him little stories about puppies! We also went swimming twice (her favorite was the night time swim!), went to Orange Leaf (she loved the pink popping bubbles), went to pick out a treat for Nala, made bookmarks for Kindergarten, and so much more!
Pics from our 'nothing but awesome' visit!
Ramsey's fun!

Love his smile!

Little water bug!

Resting after swimming! My mom's dog has a hard time sharing Collins! :)

Nala's little squirrel treat. Yes, there are sprinkles!

What a sweet cousin. She did not leave his side!

Writing her puppy story for Collins.

LOVING all the attention!


Trent is a WAY more fun pool buddy than me!

I love you both!

What an awesome helper!

Trent's sweet family! xo
When Collins naps, I run around the house like a crazy lady getting things done! I've been working on my kitchen cabinets....they are SO narrow and we don't have many. So, in the effort to make a shelf for all of Collins' goodies, I had bags galore for Goodwill. When more comes in, more has got to go out! :) I saw this cute little white wire organizer at Marshall's and knew this would help organize his spoons, binkies, binkie clips, and bottle nipples. Yay!

This poor child has had the flash in his eyes since the moment he was born. At least he is used to it! :)

Hope your Monday is nothing but wonderful. Give your fears, worries, and concerns to Jesus. He always listens and always has a way of making everything better!

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