Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cleanest Purse Club!

Are you ready ladies? Are you ready for a clean, organized purse? Are you ready to be able to find exactly what you want when you need it? No more lost cards in your purse....no more going through all your coupons and cards to never find the one you need!! It's the CARD CUBBY! :)

My mom found these in Kiawah at a little boutique store and fell in love with it. Mom ordered one for sis and I and I cannot wait until it comes in. No more 'getting hot' when I get to the Starbucks drive through and can't find my card and there is a long line behind me!! :)

I am SO excited to be able to organize my coupons and gift cards. Someone was thinking of me when they made this. http://www.cardcubby.com/  Enjoy!

Teal Card Cubby small

Happy Purse Cleaning!!

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  1. This is fabulous! Thanks for sharing. It's going on my purchase list! :)