Friday, July 22, 2011

FUN Weekend Ahead!

Andrea, one of my good teaching friends, is getting married this weekend! :) I can remember back to the Lexington Legends game (after he had first contacted her) when she was nervous to call him back! Now, they are inseperable and too cute for words! They just fit together so sweetly and I'm SO excited to be able to witness this beautiful marriage that God has brought together. I am honored to be able to sing at their wedding and I pray that it is just want they wanted. Collins has been put to sleep the past 2 months or so while listening to me sing this song so I hope I don't put others to sleep. hehe :) It's a beautiful song and one that people in the audience will be able to relate to. It's called, "Feels Like Home" and it's oozing with love. It's about finding that perfect person that makes you feel like 'home.' And, what a great feeling that is. Thanks Trenty! xo I can't wait to post pics next week!

Collins has been growing by leaps and bounds. His hair is getting thicker, his cheeks are getting bigger, his legs have some pretty awesome rolls, and his entire body is just LONG! Everywhere we go...I mean everywhere...people comment on his size. Maybe if Trent was holding him they would understand why he is so long. But, when I hold him I guess he looks like a monster baby. A pretty cute one! People comment on his eyes too and I have to admit they melt my heart. His eyes are beautiful and he knows how to use them with his little personality. What a goof ball!

Trent was off last week and it was the BEST 5 days. We made a make shift bed in the family room to watch over 15 DVR shows that we had gotten behind on, we made mini trips to Cinci and Louisville, went putt-putting, and we had lunch and dinner dates all week! I wish this would happen every week!

Here are some pics from the past few days. He's been a busy baby!

Rice cereal mess!

He LOVES my mom's pup!

Collins sporting Lexmark wear!

Goodnight sweetheart! xo

Happy Baby!

Mad Baby! hehe

Yay!!! Finally got to see Sara last week!

Lovin' Mommy's glasses!


The Schnettlers came over! :) So sweet!

Naked baby!

Helping with the laundry!

Have a terrific and blessed weekend!

PS: I will post pics soon of Collins' special visit with the Seevers family. :) My computer is very slow today and my email is a mess!

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  1. A. You will not put anyone to sleep tonight. I can guarantee it! :)
    B. I'm so happy that Trent had off last week and you all had that time together! There's nothing better!! :)