Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Catch Up Post!

Trent and I have stayed up past midnight I think maybe 3 times in the last couple weeks and maybe 4 times since Collins was born. :) These 9 o'clock UK games have worn me out and today I feel like I'm in LALA land...am I really awake?! Plus, I'm still having a hard time wrapping my fingers around this win!! WOW! I'm so proud of this team and just loved watching them grow from the very first game. Traveling to Atlanta to watch them kind of made me feel even closer to them?!! It's for sure bittersweet. I wish there was one more game!

Saw these on Pinterest!!! Should I purchase them with my earnings from winning the FAMILY BRACKET?!??! hehe Trent thought for sure I had no clue what I was doing when I picked KU vs. UK in the final game!!


Am I doing something I shouldn't be doing?!!?

My good friend Mary {who we held the sprinkle for} was so sweet to let me come over to hold her two new little ones! I couldn't believe how beautiful they were....not that Mary and Rick aren't good looking {hehe}, but they truly are just breathtakingly pretty babies! And, I'm so proud of their mom. She carried over 12 lbs. of baby in that small belly of hers. She did it with such ease. I'm pretty sure I left there wanting another one so bad!! That always happens. :)
Sweet Gabriella showing off her baby sister{s}!!!!

Genevieve, Coach Cal, and me!

Sara and Marielle!

Hmmm...I think Marielle?!


This morning, Collins, BeeBee, and I met some good friends at Shillito Park! Sarah lives in Chicago, so we made it a point to make sure when she's in town to get the boys together. We had a good time catching up, chasing the boys, and sharing mommy stories. Sarah and I grew up going to school together and then ended up at DePauw together too! Her little boy William is only a month or so older than Collins.

BeeBee came to play with Collins and hang out with Sarah's mom!

I LOVE everything about this picture!

My Mamie and Papa stopped through on their way back to Michigan from their Florida vacay. It was SO good to be able to see them. They head to Florida for the winter and come back all tanned and my Mamie has usually needle pointed 100 things. She is so talented! I'll post pics of the COLLINS sports sign she made him once I get it framed. So special. My Papa, Dad, and Trent hit the golf course over the weekend and Trent and Dad were impressed with how good my Papa still plays! I love that they both have their passions and love life. :)
Collins teaching Papa how to walk. :)

Collins teaching Mamie all about letters and colors!
We're busy, but I love it! We are so blessed with the sweet friends and family we have!

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  1. Way to pick winners Meagan. You have the cutest wildcat around!

    I am thrilled to see pictures of Mary's girls healthy and at home. YAY for double blessings.

    Also glad that Collins got to see his great-grandparents and teach them some new things :).

    You are a blessing to your friends and family as well!

    Love you, Amy F.