Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Teaching Second Chances

Lectures at my morning bible study (BSF) are normally incredible, but today I couldn't help but apply it to my little one. 

Often I think about trials I've gone through or bad decisions I've made in the past and although I don't want to think about it, I know my sweet little innocent boy will make mistakes too. We've all done it. We're human and sadly tempted by way too much.

I'm constantly praying about finding the right words to say or the right passages to read to him in the future when he does stumble. Passages on forgiveness and releasing guilt. On second chances. Oh, the joys of disciplining....but, isn't it more sweet when it's done with love?

Paul has been a 'character' of the bible that we've studied a lot this year. He persecuted Christians left and right, but yet God gave him a second chance. Paul knew he had a lot to change about his heart, but he did so with a willing attitude. The Holy Spirit moved within him!!

So, today's lesson was on Peter. Another 'character' given a second chance.
Do you know Peter?
Peter walked with Jesus for 3 years and Peter denied the Lord 3 times in fear. He failed his very Lord!

Sometimes we feel like we fail our Lord....and we do.

But, what I must teach Collins is that yes, we will make mistakes. I will give him a second chance. The Lord will give him a second chance. But, we can't take advantage of these second chances. We can't think, "Oh, I'll be forgiven" and sin knowing this. We need to try to do right the first time. :)

Another lesson I learned from today is that God can change ANY heart. Look at Peter and Paul! Wow.

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How do you teach discipline using the bible? Share your thoughts!


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