Thursday, April 12, 2012

Work Road Trip!

Off to Nashville we went this packed car full of baby treats and goodies, work bags, and my little family. We were actually headed to Mississippi for Trent's work, but that got switched around on the way down there! Luckily, we weren't too far along in the trip!

Without a car in Nashville is actually pretty doable. There was a shuttle from the hotel to the Opryland Hotel (which you could spend days there just walking around) and then from there it's only a 5 minute walk on a gorgeous path to the Opry Mills outlets! 1.8 miles of shopping heaven! Trent met us wherever we were when he got off work and we had fun exploring Nashville!

The city is just beautiful. I couldn't help but tear up looking at pictures of the all-too-recent Nashville flood. the Opryland Hotel was under 6 ft of water and most of the city was demolished. We drove along the river one night and our hearts just broke at the homes still being rebuilt and even torn down. On a positive note, there are new beautiful homes also being built and most of Nashville is put back together. It's a part of their history and something they'll never forget....I bet a lot of good came out of this!

Then....the flood at the Opryland Hotel
6 feet of water


It's just gorgeous!! Lots to do, eat, and shop!!

:) So thrilled!
Going out to eat on business trips is funny! Trent gets a certain amount for each meal for himself, so when the bill's confusing. They bring one bill and Trent has to explain that we need it split up. The waiters look at us like, "You're not paying for her meal or her child's?" ha

The Aquarium Restaurant!!

They said the fish were brought in from all over the world! There were sharks too!!

My meal! Asian crusted white fish!  Mmmm....

Love the seahorses!
At the Rainforest Cafe! Collins loved the show every 30 minutes! The lights dimmed and the animals went crazy!

 Shopping at Opry Mills Mall! No, I didn't get the boots, but how cute are they?!?!?

LEGO WORLD!! I know one little boy who will love this store someday!

Worn out!!

Heading home soon and looking forward to having a car again...hehe :)

 It's almost the weekend! Yay!!

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  1. Glad you were able to get away with Trent.
    Love the picture of the three of you at the Opryland Hotel and the picture of all the boots! The boot with the cross on the front is my favorite.

    Amy F.