Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My {BLUE} Weekend!

We were a family divided Friday night and boy did we have fun! Trent had on his IU gear and of course I had on my UK. We made sure not to be too obnoxious to one another as we still had a whole weekend together and the loser would have to wear the opposing team's colors the rest of the weekend. :) Yes, I packed my IU tshirts just in case....thank goodness I got to wear BLUE! :) Trent was really happy with the way IU played and was glad to see one of his good friend's little brothers play so well for the team. So, it was a weekend of blue and my hubby was such a good sport!

**Funny Story: So we're headed to the game on the MARTA (the train) Friday night and there are thousands of people right?!? In walks our friend Brian Lawless who we've known since he was a baby! I used to babysit him when they were our neighbors! Crazy. So we got to chat for a bit and even ended up giving him a ride home on Sunday! Too funny!

**SISSY: So Sissy was at a Bachelorette party this weekend and was flying into Atlanta Sunday morning at 9! We talked her into skipping her flight home to stay for the game!! We had a blast and were even able to sit next to eachother to watch the CATS win again!!

Here are some pics from the oh-too-fun weekend. :)

My best friend Eileen (who lives in Atlanta...you'll see pics in a second) was able to get us suite tickets for the HAWKS game! We watched a little bit of this game and then headed to the Baylor/Xavier game.

Trent was in heaven!

I've never done anything like this before!

My buddies Eileen and Linds! Linds lives in Cincinnati and drove into Lexington Thursday night to catch a ride with us! We had a blast!

A sea of blue!


LOVED him!!

:) Still loving eachother. :)

On Saturday we went to this awesome place called, STATS. We sat on the 3rd floor terrace for most of the day/night watching games and hanging out! Notice Trent in his UK. He really does love me!

Sunday morning! Brian and Sissy are here to cheer on the CATS! They were good luck!

After a 40 minute trip on the MARTA back to our car and a 30 minute trip at Wendy's we were headed home! Good thing we have a big car!

Thanks Eileen and Linds for making this such an awesome weekend with friends. I miss you guys already! xoxo

What was Collins doing all weekend with BeeBee and GranPaul? Being spoiled rotten! Thanks mom and dad for watching my sweet baby!

Playing in all the drawers....

Trying new foods.....

After a little ice cream.....

Playing in the big boy tub....

Hiding in the laundry basket....

Learning my letters and colors....
Taking a 3.5 hour nap.......

Going on a ride......

Marking his territory......

Standing on the table......
Wow! Collins, did you have more fun than mommy and daddy?!?!


  1. Is it just me or is that Brian a CUTIE! haha ;)

  2. Glad you and Trent were kind to one another during this rivalry weekend. So glad you had a good time and got to enjoy an amazing weekend together. Looks like Collins had plenty of fun too. Favorite pics of him from this post are the big boy bathtub, laundry basket, and 3.5 hour nap photo. Love seeing your dad laying on the floor playing with Collins. Only thing that would have made this post better, would be a picture of BeeBee and Collins.

    I am glad I got to see you last week. Your hugs and playing peek-a-boo across the pew with Collins were two highlights of my short visit.

    Hope to catch up again sooner than later and definitely need to make more time to visit and play!

    Amy F.

  3. P.S. I agree with PLL that Brian is a cutie.

    Amy F.

  4. I love your weekend! Man, when will I be able to jet away with hubby?! I really want to, but my one night was so hard!! Looks like you all had a blast!