Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sprinkling Momma K

Baby ShOwErS are exciting....but how much more exciting is a SpRiNkLe when you know how awesome life is going to be with a little one. Come on Trent....are you ready for another one?!?! :)

Katherine, Eileen, and I sprinked our best friend Kristin with lots of love and fun. Her little one is due April 16th and if this little one is even one ounce as sweet as her daughter, Eliza Jane, this baby is going to be the best! We can't wait!  (I also sprinkled my friend Mary too! She is having twin girls on March 26th! Click here to see the pics!)

We found these adorable invites on Etsy. We paid for the design and then printed them on cardstock! We attached twine and ribbon and they turned out super cute! Thanks Etsy! (we looooved the wording!)

We took the 'sprinkle' idea and made it a sprinkle candy theme! We had ice cream with sprinkles and friends and family had sprinkles to take home for their own sundaes! It was a lot of fun and Kristin was sprinkled with loads of diapers, wipes, and butt paste. :)

:) Eliza Jane got lots of goodies!

The beautiful momma!

Eileen, Kristin, Katherine, and me :)....being goofy as always...these are the girls I went on my girls trip with!

Sweet friends!

Kristin's sweet sisters, Lauren and Shannon

Sweet family!

Sprinkled with LOTS of love!

Kristin sent me this picture that night....Eliza Jane devouring the sprinkle marshmallow treat!! xoxo
  :) Love,


  1. Very cute ideas, once again Maegan! Wish I had seen some of your ideas or picked your brain when a friend and I threw a sprinkle for my sister-in-law.

    Are you and your friends mimicking Angelina's leg pose?

    That little boy in the leather jacket is adorable. He's got his momma's eyes.

    I will be going to a sprinkle for a girlfriend in a couple of weeks. She's having her 3rd child and 1st girl. So excited to be able to celebrate momma and baby Adelei Brynn.

    Clicked on over to Blissfully Burton and read about Mary's surprise sprinkle. Very cute stuff done by your friend there too. Glad to hear that Mary and the girls are okay and that they were able to stop her contractions. Praying for her and Marielle and Genevieve.

    Amy F.

  2. What a cute idea!!!!! Love it! :)