Monday, March 12, 2012

March is Flying By!!

It's weird to say my baby is 13 months! :) No walking or talking yet, but we'll get there. He sure does like to jibber jabber and crawl, climb, and move everywhere. We go to a Gymboree class once a week and he has a super strong little body. He'll climb ladders, pull his body up big steps, and push items across the floor. It's neat to see the changes in his thinking from week to week. He's learning a lot!

Here are some recent pics of the last week or so! :)
Aunt Sissy showing Collins how to break up crackers into bite sized pieces. :)

Half smile for the camera


He woke up from his nap looking like this....haircut time it is!

First haircut at Kiddie Kutters! 13 months! When you walk in the kids get to pick out their chair (from barbie jeeps to airplanes) and a movie to watch while getting a haircut! When they leave they get a sucker tied to a balloon! Too cute!

We're ok at this point. I even had a sucker to try to soothe him.

Oh, we're mad!!

When he wouldn't calm down, I got to hold him while he got his hair cut. :) Miss Shannon was super nice and patient!

Good boy!!

Happy to be playing....not sitting!

Weeeee!!!!! I can see!!!!

My happy boy xo

I'm thinking we have a favorite blankie!

He climbed in and out for a good 20 minutes or so. He'd shut the doors on himself and sit in complete darkness!

A foot on his tray table...seriously?!? We nipped that in the behind!

A lot of you have been wondering about the milk allergy testing. He doesn't have an allergy, but it could be a milk protein issue since he reacted so violently to the milk. So, we are off dairy for a month and drinking soy milk. After a month, we will slowly introduce milk again and see if his body tolerates it better as he's grown a little more.
He did so well! Poor baby!!

Wanting to itch SO bad!!


  1. Do you like Gymboree?? Thought about doing it with Callaway next fall when Blake is in school 2 days!!

  2. We love it! Collins gets all of his energy out! Miss Robin is the best! :) xo