Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Know Why I Blog...

Life's a whirlwind sometimes. Do you feel this way?

I was asked recently how I find the time to blog. (Sidenote, I truly only blog twice a week.....I am NO pro!) But this did get me thinking.....I find the time to blog because I know how much it means to my family to keep up with Collins. I'm blessed to live my by parents and sissy who see him almost daily, but the rest of our family is scattered in 8+ states. My sweet family will call, text, or email me about a recent pic they saw and that keeps me motivated!! I blog because I know my dear friends in other states love Collins too. I blog because it's fun and at times a stress reliever for me. It's also been fun to look back at the very first posts of Collins' life and spend the next hour or so in tears over how my baby has grown....oh dear! :) hehe

So, sweet family and friends, here's some recent pics of Collins. Sorry I've been slacking!
We have gates all over the house! We did play on the stairs (together) yesterday for a good 20 minutes! He scoots down the stairs on his behind and then laughs hysterically when he goes back up! I was worn out!

Is he 5?

I hope he never loses these cheekers!

This could have been why he was constipated the next day. Oh and learn!

About time for a haircut!

What he does all the time! He will walk holding onto our fingers, but he'd rather crawl!

Sweet Collins

A favorite blankie maybe?!

Let's match daddy!!!

Loving the warmer weather!!

So silly!! Couldn't figure out where the straw was. :)
:) Love,


  1. I agree about reasons to blog. It's practically a part time job to keep up with the pics and uploading and blogging but it's so special. I hope our kids love the blogs someday and can look back at them and have so many amazing memories all in one place.
    PS we have the same bunny cup for Easter but in pink :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the picture of Collins sitting on the counter in his striped sweater. The one of him with bread and the bath time hair photo are my other favs of this post.

    Yes, your friends do appreciate the updates and love keeping in touch via the blog. So glad I got meet him a few months ago. Now I just need to see your pretty face in person again!!

    Thank you for taking the time when you have it to update your blog.

    Love and hugs, Amy F.