Thursday, March 22, 2012

Should I Run to CATlanta?

With all the running I've been doing lately, I might as well run to Atlanta tomorrow. **Trent surprised me with a trip to Georgia this weekend to watch the CATS....and IU play. :) So fun! One of our teams will play again on Sunday, so it was just too good to pass up.** From this past Sunday to this Sunday, I will have run 27 miles. Nuts I know. Something about it is getting just a tad easier, but I have still yet to reach that runner's high everyone talks about. Hmmm.....maybe someday?!

Before I started running last summer, sissy told me that I was going to love the running world. As I came around my block that first time huffing and out of breath I couldn't help but call her crazy. But, there truly is something to say about the people you run with on race day. Everyone is happy....everyone is pushing you along....everyone is excited. There's something special about it and I love being in the atmosphere of runners on running day.

This past weekend sis and I drove to Cincinnati to celebrate Lindsey's 30th and run a 15k! Running 9.3 miles on the hills of Cincinnati was quite painful. Sis and I both had our breaking down moments, but neither one of us cried! :) That's why I love running together....we lift eachother up!

We ran with an avg. pace of 8:55 (last summer we ran 10 minute miles....well I did...she just ran with me) and by the end my legs were noodles. Sissy made me sprint to the finish least there was food waiting for me. It's amazing how much she's pushed me these past 9 months or so. I owe it all to her. I think she has a future career in training. I call her my Jillian Michaels. xo Now, we're looking for another mini to do....has anyone done the Louisville Derby mini?

Happy 30th Linds! **Linds and I have been friends since we were 3!**Heading to go watch the CATS!

Jena (Lind's sis) and my sissy xo

Time for carb loading! At Bella Luna

Game time!

I look like death, but I love this picture. Sissy and I are totally in sync and crossing the finish line at the same time!!

YAY Heart 15K! Ya'll did great!
Wait, you want pictures of Collins??? :)  hehe
Loves music books! Thanks Burton family for this sweet book!


In Lucie's dog cage!! oh. my. word.

GAP sells these vintage character tees! They are so soft and sweet!

My sweet and beautiful niece, Kennedi! She snuck in a trip down to Lexington Fri-Sat! :)

He LOVES to play in my card drawer. I find envelopes everywhere....

Waiting in line at the Little Elks Consignment sale this morning....too sweet!!

Still rockin' the Christmas PJ's!
 Have a wonderful weekend!!!! GO CATS!!!! And I guess IU too! :)



  1. Have so much fun this weekend but I hope you will be cheering for UK!!!! He he! And my sister in law ran the Derby mini like 3 years ago, if I remember correctly the first part is kind of hilly! Good luck! I could never do that!!!!