Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thank You Pink Lou Lou!!

  :) Thanks to my special bloggy friend and friend in real life, Pink Lou Lou, I have a button! Thank you!!

Check it out on How Does She?  I'm so excited about it! :)

Okay, a few Collins pics too!

My child lines up his toys!

Orange Leaf treat with an old student of mine!

Valentine's Day Dinner!

I wish my pizza was always heart shaped!!



  1. In the picture with his toys lined up, it looks like they're all leaving the barn headed to the fields for the day, with the biggest toys leading the way.

    Amy F.

  2. That is so funny he lines up his toys haha! I wish she would have made you a button for your blog too!! So I can link up with you!! Or wait, is that a link to your blog? Or your Kellys Kids stuff ha I'm confused? :)

  3. Hey girl! :) It's a button for Kelly's Kids! I do need one for my blog too! How fun!!!