Friday, February 10, 2012

Beautiful Birthday! 2.9.12

Collins woke up the happiest baby! He was talking up a storm in his crib! Trent and I went into his room singing, "Happy Birthday" and he loved it! Smiles galore. Tears galore. :) The three of us cuddled and talked for a long time!

Daddy said he had a special surprise downstairs so we anxiously headed to the family room. Trent wrote Collins the most heartfelt letter about how 7 pounds and 10 ounces has changed his life forever. It was so sweet. To top it off, Trent created an online scrapbook of every picture on my blog from the first day we found out we were pregnant to his first birthday. I was overwhelmed with emotions and so incredibly thankful for this beautiful gift. He wants to give it to Collins when he gets married and I said, "WHAT?!?! I want it!!!" hehe It's such a special gift, especially coming from the man who has never used Shutterfly and travels weekly! It had to have taken him months. Thank you sweet Trent.

One proud daddy!

hugs xoxo

Thank you daddy!

Collins went down for his nap and we got busy making his cake and wrapping gifts! So fun! I practiced making his funfetti birthday party cake (turned out great!) and made a homemade white fluffy frosting (he got to try it when he woke up!)...yum! I just know that the cake on the day of his party will cave in or taste yucky....just my odds! :)


We headed to Windy Corner Market for lunch and muched on our favorite burgers! Collins had puffs, little bites of hamburger and tomato, and got to drink out of a big boy cup!

My one year old!!

We then headed back into town to attend a Gymboree play and learn class. :) We had never done one of these and didn't know what to expect. It was a blast! Collins loved the bubbles, the balls everywhere, climbing up every thing, the parachute, and he got to push a large plush cylinder across the floor!! I was so happy that Trent got to go with us! We're going to go again...we sometimes need to get some 'boy' energy out! :)

After the class we went out to my parents house to celebrate the sweet birthday boy. We opened family gifts and enjoyed listening to him coo and squeal when he saw something he liked! We gave him a tiny piece of cake (saving the big cake for his party!!) and he LOVED it! We could hear him smacking his lips at every little bite!

Thank you dear family and friends for loving our little boy and making his day so special. We were overwhelmed with the phone calls, texts, emails, and messages on Facebook. I want him to feel loved in life and we have you guys to thank for that yesterday! :)

His party is Sunday and the wonderful Mary Maldonado is taking pics!! I'll post soon!!!!


  1. Just want you to know that I can actually feel the joy in your life when I read your posts and I love that. I love knowing you are so happy and such a wonderful mom. Makes my heart happy :) C

  2. The pictures of Trent reading and then cuddling with Collins are touching and priceless. I love that he is willing to show his love and depth of emotion for his family. My oh my, Collins was blessed with an abundance of presents from family alone. Hope Sunday was filled with much love, joy, and many blessings.

    Amy F.