Monday, February 6, 2012


We've been to a couple playdates!! Collins loves being around other kids...especially when he can kiss them, play with different toys, and roam a new house looking for stairs. He is such a goofball! We've recently gotten to play with Harper, Eliza Jane, Gabriella Grace, and Campbell. Yes, all girls! And, look at those name. Cuteness. Maybe someday one of my friends will have a boy, but until then Collins seems 100% content with the ladies. The Hogan family (I taught their daughter Kari) also came over to play and I appreciate them loving Collins so much!

Baby Harper Alan!

Baby Eliza Jane

Baby Campbell (they share the same birthday!)

Baby Collins :)

Baby GG (Gabriella Grace)

The Hogans!

We've been to Tupelo, Mississippi! What a sweet, sweet, place. My memories of Tupelo will always be of kind people, good food, and special time with Trent and Collins. While Trent was at work, Collins and I had a blast exploring the city. We even made a friend named Emma at a cute little boutique and hope to go visit her when we return!

Holding my hand on the way down there!

What a BIG bed this is!

LOVES the water!! I LOVE that belly!

What an awesome play center at the Tupelo mall. We played for a good hour and even met a little boy that was born the day after Collins! Weird!


When we were packing up we found all kinds of goodies in the drawers. I think Collins hid every toy of his!
I've been running! A lot. Every day it feels like! Sis and I hit a new pace time on Saturday for 6 miles. I know she runs faster when she is by herself, but together we hit a 9:05 pace! A couple of the miles were in the 8:50's. So, not normal for us!! In the fall I focused on late 9's and staying right at a 10 minute pace. It felt good on Saturday and while I won't be able to stay at this pace for 13.1 miles, Sissy can! She has an awesome goal of finishing under 2 hrs. and I'm pretty certain she can do it this time. Me? My goal is to still just finish and beat my time from the fall. It was pretty astronomical, so I think I can do it. :)

Hanging out at home! We were in Mississippi for a good 5 days or so, so it's been nice to settle back in and get used to the daily routine again! We miss daddy when he's gone, but we'll travel with him again soon!

All snuggled up in his IU sweat outfit. We have a runny nose, teething baby!

Feeling a little better, but eyes are still droopy. :) These teeth are hard!

One of his favorite toys. He enjoys opening and closing the barn doors...over...and over....and over!

I've been getting ready for Collins' party!! I'm so excited to celebrate with friends and family on Sunday! His real birthday is this Thursday. Trent is going to take the day off and we'll go to lunch, attend a gymboree class with Collins, maybe go to the park, and just have fun!

Whew! Thanks for checking in on us!!

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