Thursday, February 16, 2012

One Year Check Up!

Collins may look like his daddy.....but wait! Collins and I actually have something in common!!! Our head size! HUGE! He is rockin' the charts on this stat....guess that means HUGE brains. :)

His one year appt. went fantastic! We brought some leftover goodies from his first birthday to the sweet nurses and doctor Warner. We love them. Dr. Warner has this amazing way of making you feel like you're doing everything you can do! You walk out of there and think, "I can do this! He's healthy....he's growing!!" I'm thankful for his support and the 100 times he asks me if I have any questions. Anyone that has Dr. Warner can attest to this. He makes sure you don't forget a thing!

So, here are the stats! I have one tall and lean boy!!

Length: In the 93rd percentile...up from the 80th at his 9 month! He's 31.5 inches of sweetness!
Weight: In the 73rd percentile...down from the 75th. He gained two pounds!
Head: Are you ready?!?! In the 95th percentile....up from the 70th! Yep...all my head. Headbands sometimes pop off....sorry baby.

Collins gets to switch to whole more formula!!!! WAHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! The nurse said to give this to him in sippy cups instead of the bottle. I may have to wait a little longer for that. I will miss feeding him his bottle!

:) One cutie patootie!

Looks like he's staring down the nurse with the needles!

BeeBee kisses!

First taste of whole milk!

Mmmm....milk moustache and all!

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