Monday, February 20, 2012

Collins' Very Hungry Caterpillar Decorations!

Planning Collins' 1st birthday party was so enjoyable for me. It gave me a chance to be creative and crafty and I've missed that by not being in the classroom. I felt like a teacher all over again! :)

Enjoy the party decorations! The **good** pics were taken by Mary Maldonado photography! :) I put an *MMP* below her pics!

Mantel decorations...."On Friday, he ate through five oranges!"


The penant is made out of fabric. I tried to match the paper on his party invitations! I loved the polka reminded me of the holes that the caterpillar had made while eating!

"On Sunday he ate through one nice green leaf and felt much better!"

*MMP* took this picture at his 6 month photo shoot. He was reading the book!

Party guests signed his baby book. :)

I used the paper left over from the party invites to make the Collins caterpillar.
 LOVED the tie and hat!! Thanks graceynsmom on Etsy! *MMP* 

Water bottle labels, cup labels, cupcake toppers, food tents, and candy wrappers were ordered from Etsy (see below). Super cheap...they send you the file and you print on labels, cardstock, or paper! Saves money on shipping and labor!

Silly I know, but fun!

Can you see the 1? :)

Caterpillar treats for the kiddos...and grownups!

Treats for the adults! *MMP*

Created little caterpillars out of pompoms and hot glue! Put brown M&M's at the bottom for dirt and a big green leaf in the dirt with a written thank you.
Yard sign! The ground was frozen, so we taped it to the railing! :) *MMP*

Spraypainted a wreath white, cut styrofoam balls in half, and covered with fabric! Easy caterpillar wreath!

Caterpillar antenna headbands for the kids! Used pipe cleaners and pom poms!


Activity center for the kids! Caterpillar Coloring and Food Dig! I printed off pictures and activities online and used crayons I had left over from teaching! The food dig was a big container full of large noodles that contained all of the food in the book! I think the kids had a good time digging for the food!


Polka dot balloons to go with the theme. :)

Watermelon jelly beans and ice cream cones!!! Fun little treats for the kids that the caterpillar loooved!


Cupcakes and Collins' two tiered cake were made with love by his Mommy and Aunt Sis. xoxo We love FUNFETTI! *MMP*

The cake tent was made with left over fabric, twine, and two cupcake sticks! Sprinkles around the edge jazzed it up! *MMP*


LOVED these little goodies I found on Etsy! I added Mike-n-Ike's to add color! *MMP*

More goodies that the caterpillar ate through....

My mom made these awesome ice cream balls to eat with the cupcakes!! We forgot!!!!

Collins' birth announcement!

Monthly pictures! Just taped ribbon to my cabinets and hooked the pics with clothespins!


Thanks to the following Etsy friends for the awesome party supplies and decorations!!!
Forks: Etsy: sucreandspice
Labels: jenleonardini
Hat/Tie: graceynsmom
Caterpillar PomPom Banner (she sends you the items and you build!): pompom momma
Collins' Caterpillar Shirt: sweet3leafprints



  1. everything looks so so so adorable!!!! Parties are so fun to plan, I just did my daughters 1st birthday party on Sunday! I'm sure you can relate to the bittersweet feeling =)

    1. Thank you so much Andrea!! Happy 1st Birthday to your sweet little one. She is SO cute! :)....oh, and it was very bittersweet! Right on!

  2. Looks super cute and festive! Collins is blessed with a wonderful mommy and daddy!

    1. Aw, thanks sweet friend! I'm obsessed with your baby room creations!!! You are so talented!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks sweet friend. Glad you were there to share in the memories and fun! xoxo

  4. I already complimented you mad party planning skills on fb, but wanted to give you another shout out for all your creativity! You did a FABULOUS job. I seriously wondered about how you did the forks. Thanks for providing the information on where you got some of the supplies.

    Amy F.

    1. Thanks so much Amy!! :) I truly had a blast planning for his party. I started early (hehe) and couldn't wait until nap time so I could get crafty! Miss you!!! Come visit soon!!

  5. Where did you find the ice cream cones?