Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wrapping up October

This past weekend we went to Kelley Farm out on Old Richmond Rd. This is definitely going to be a tradition of ours! We go to lasso some cows, climb cliffs, eat yummy jumbo hot dogs, and get lost in a 10 acre corn maze. We made it a competition between the boys and girls, so we started at different times and used our phones to time. The boys won! Booo!!! MB and I saw them looking at a map and we ran away...I think this is when we literally got lost. Thirty some minutes later we made it out...only to find them hootin' and hollerin' about their win. Whatev. :)

Thought this was precious. What a sweet goat family!

Halloween was a blast this year. I loved watching my little tiger cub crawl across the floor! He wasn't scared of the costumes and loved all of the Halloween goodies that neighbors and family brought him! Too sweet! :) Trent and I went to DePauw, so it was only fitting for him to be a little tiger. :)

BIG foot!

Could have played with that candy for hours!

Collins is known for his cheeks!

:) There's 3 of us this Halloween!

Crawling through the jungle..

SO many students came by this year!! :) LOVE that I get to see them every Halloween! I make them special little treats and I didn't have enough by the end of the night!

Mom dressed Lucie up as a lion...haha Lions, Tigers, and Bears...oh my!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! :)

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