Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Road Trip to Chicago!

This past weekend, Trent and I escaped to Chicago. Trent's best friend from college (well, one of mine too!) invited us to his engagement party and we just couldn't miss it. We adore his fiance, Meghan, and think the world of her. We've prayed for TJ to find a Christian woman like Meghan and we are so happy he put the ring on her finger!!

Trent received some really good news about work on Friday, so we had a nice dinner together just talking and laughing. We celebrate everything in this family (you're like...I know!!) and we try SO hard to never take anything for granted. We've learned that life moves fast and that every day is uncertain! We work hard to leave all the planning up to the Lord and thank him wholeheartedly for our blessings...especially this one! :) I am so proud of how hard he has worked! TJ and Meg met us out later and we were so excited to see them!

Here are a few pics from TJ and Meg's engagement party. It was in a banquet room inside of a beautiful lighthouse overlooking a lake. Dreamy right? Totally.

Before we left all dolled up!

Yum! The cupcakes were filled with frosting!

TJ and Meg at the black and white party!

The pretty room in the lighthouse!

Trent, Kyle, and college buds!

Me and Kyle!

Sarah, Meghan, Danielle, and Me

We missed our sweet 9 month old baby (Happy 9 months today!!), but we were super busy and I just love being with my hubby. A part of us was missing, but we knew he was being taken care and given tons of attention. :)

When you're a momma, you love receiving pics of your baby. Especially when they get TWO front teeth, they sit up on their knees, and chase a car around the kitchen.....all in one weekend!!! I wasn't gone that long!!!! Thanks Aunt Sis and Momma for sending me pictures!
He figured out how to push the car all around the kitchen!

Two front teeth!!!

Sitting up on his knees!

Matthew is such a good sport!

A few more...poor child...I make him try on every hat at Baby Gap. :) 

Which one do you like? hehe

Goodnight and Sweet Dreams,


  1. love the hats! what was the big news? the missi job?

  2. you looked gorgeous at the party! I'm happy you are able to balance life with your baby and husband. It's great you two could do a weekend get away. SO important! :) Oh, and I always make Sonoma try on those silly hates at GAP too. HA!