Monday, November 14, 2011

My Sweetie Pie is 9 Months?!?!

Each month I feel the same way. I have got to curb this 'I'm sad...he's getting too big' attitude. I almost dread each start of the month. Why?! I just can't believe how fast time has gone and it's only going to get faster. Someday when he's 25 and getting married, I'll probably feel this way too...on his wedding day, he isn't mine anymore..ahhhh..what is wrong with me?!?! I have issues. Serious ones. :)

What's Collins doing now?
  • crawling everywhere
  • climbing stairs
  • pulling up on everything and everything
  • taking small steps if holding onto the couch
  • pulling up in crib and waiting for us to come get him!
  • playing the, "If I drop my binkie out of my crib and cry...mommy will come back" game daily
  • loving all kinds of food (fruits, veggies, meats)
  • loving little bite sized snacks that melt in his mouth
  • has two front teeth coming in and one more on the bottom
  • clapping, high fiving, and laughing hysterically when he does them!
  • waving by opening and closing his hand
  • flirting with strangers...he will charm them with this head to the side, squinting eye look
  • blowing raspberries
  • falling asleep by himself in his crib
  • sleeping 11-12 hours at night and two naps during the day
  • sitting in new car seat...he is soo long
Here are his nine month pics! He was the cutest little baby to photograph as his faces changed for every shot. Collins was all over the place and he made it a little game to escape the black camera. Enjoy!

This ones makes my heart happy. His funny little faces are so precious to me!

Such a grumpy little look.

Found his binkie. :)

Goofball Collins! He has a new habit of tilting his head to the side. He usually does it when he's flirting.

Alright are over!

Just want to squeeze every roll.

He used to lay here so nice. :)

Scales every wall. This has a ledge, but he can inch himself up onto anything!

Hot stud muffin!

Your eyes are going to steal some little girl's heart someday!

His nine month appt. is this week and so is his nine month party!!! Life gets away from us, but we are still going to celebrate even if we are a week late! :)
Have a wonderful week,

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