Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Catching Up and Collins' Check Up!

For some reason, I feel like I may be doing this often. hehe Life moves SO fast and we are so blessed to have SO much to do! Tomorrow I will blog on our wonderful time in Bloomington and the Windy City! Collins is quite the traveler! Oh, and I'll post pics of his 4 month photo shoot!

The first week of June we headed to Michigan for my beautiful cousin's graduation. While Midland, MI is a small place on a map, it has a HUGE place in my heart. We have so many great memories in Midland and I love seeing my family. There's nothing I love more than family time.

Scott meeting Collins!

Uncle Mark meeting Collins!

The graduate, Alissa, and their new pup Mollie!

The boys with full bellies. My Aunt Lisa had a Qdoba feast waiting for us when we got there!

:) This makes me happy!

Does he get enough love?!

So, I went upstairs to feed Collins and Aunt Sis said she'd come along to keep me company. Well, Collins was done eating so he did what he does best...pull hair!

Who's that cute baby and pretty lady?!

Alissa's adorable cake that she designed! She will be headed to U of M next year!

Melisa-Beth and Matthew :)

My adorable aunt and uncle. I get my ability to cry on demand from my Aunt Lisa. xo

My Michigan family. XO

Cousins and Matthew!

Taco Bell stop on the way home. This was all too familiar to Collins...I craved this when I was preggo!

hehe... GranPaul sandwich!
Collins turned 4 months (tear...boohoo) on 6.9.11. He had his check-up on his birthday and I felt bad that it was scheduled on his special day!! He had to get shots and eat the yucky medicine again! I felt better after the appointment, because he didn't seem to care about either and he was a VERY healthy baby boy!

Length: 25.75 inches (80th percentile)  He grew 2.25 inches since his 2 month check up!
Weight: 14.5 pounds (48th percentile)  He grew 2.1 pounds since his 2 month check up!
Head: 42 centimeters (45th percentile) His head grew 3 centimeters since his 2 month check up!

**He definitely gets his small head from his daddy. :) I'm pretty sure my head was off the charts and still is!

Happy baby!

Grabbing his toes!

My big boy. I love you so much Collins!

The sweetest little thing!

For this month's themed party, I focused the food and party on 'rolls'. He has a lot of them and he is starting to roll over from his belly to his back! So, we had reuben roll ups (supper scrumptious), Rolo McFlurries (the guys at McDonald's thought I was crazy to order so many), and little party bags full of 'roll' goodies. I drew little Rollie Pollies to add to the theme. :)

The reuben roll ups before getting warmed up! Yum!

Getting so big!!

Aunt Sis spoiled her nephew with gifts!! She claims they have been gifts that she has been accumulating since he was born! What a sweet Aunt Sis!

This is a pewter monogrammed bell from Aunt Sis (his baptism gift). Psalm 145 says to speak in praise of the Lord, to call on the Lord, to tell of His mighty acts and works, and to proclaim His great deeds. Aunt Sis gave this special gift to Collins to always be LOUD in his love for his Lord...to never be afraid to proclaim the Lord's mighty ways. So, just like a bell makes a beautiful loud noise, we pray that Collins will also be loud and not shy in sharing his love for Jesus. Thank you sis for the special gift!

Now we have binkies with his name on them! Too cute!

My 4 month old baby. xo

PJ time with Matthew!
Have a wonderful Tuesday! I can't believe we leave for vacay soon!! Yippeeee!


  1. So sweet! You were in Chicago?!?!?!?!?!

  2. I cannot believe Collins grew 2.25 inches in 2 months. I want to gain that kind of height :). You have such fun, creative ideas for his monthly parties. Love all the cute stuff from MB,but that bell and the message behind it is especially cool.

    Favorite photos of this group: Sweetest little thing, you and your Rolo McFlurry, and PJ time with Matthew.


  3. Kari- we were!! Quick trip. Next time we are there for more than a quick day, I'll let you know!! :) PS: The bumper pad and crib set you made for your sissy was too cute!!! xo

    Amy- thank you!!! I'm so glad you follow the blog! Are you coming to Lexington anytime soon? xo