Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh My Pizza!


I'm in love. Usually the posts have anything and everything to do with my sweet Collins, but's about PIZZA!

For those of you that know me really know I'm a huge fan of pizza. I was spoiled in college with Marvins, the best pizza establishment in the world! I think I almost ate it every day!

From the day they started construction on Jet's, I've been patiently waiting. They started hiring, they started decorating the windows, they parked the advertising car outside...I knew the opening day was coming soon! Finally, the day came....and we were leaving for vacay on that day! I couldn't believe it. I guess I do have Jet's to thank, because leaving vacay was a little easier....not much....but a little.

So, yesterday was the day! My sister and I had to run 5 miles to stick to our training program and the thought of that pizza got me through the aches and pains. Matthew picked us up downtown (too tired to drive!) and we ordered pizza to take out to Mom and Dad's!

It was thick, scrumptious, crunchy, cheesy, greasy, and all of the above. The PERFECT pizza. I may have added all of the calories that I lost back on, but it was worth every bite.

Go try Jet's Pizza! It's on Harrodsburg Rd. right next to Rincon and the old Murrays. :) Enjoy!

             Oh my.....
  Okay, one thing about Collins. :) He LOVES eating his toes. They finally reach to his mouth and he chews on them! I'll post pics of the trip once I get all of them organized from all of the different cameras! Here's a preview...


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  1. Well I guess I know what pizza I will indulge in next! Sounds delicious, and just a hop, skip, and a jump from our house too. :)