Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Toenail Msytery

All you mothers out your baby's toenails grow? I've been constantly cutting Collins' fingernails, but his toenails have yet to be cut! Interesting I know, but these are the things I love more than anything...being a mommy! On another note, these are my favorite nail clippers. They have a light on them (so you don't clip their skin) and it also has a nail file on the other side. The file came in handy in the beginning, because I was too terrified to cut his nails! But, now I'm a pro!
...the light!
The file that hooks into the back!

Pics from the last few days!

It says, "My aunt loves to hug me!!" And that she does!

GranPaul and Collins chatting

My mom's Derby feast!!Chicken and steak fajitas! Yum!

This picture cracks me up. The photo shoot started out happy and turned bad real quick! haha
There we go....happy baby again!

Trying on hats in Old Navy. Mom and I were dying!

Asleep at BeeBee and GranPaul's. He loves the leather couch!

There's something special about a baby when they sleep!
Hilarious I know. Trent loves the boppy!

Orange Leaf treat! Yummy ice cream and sweet Sara!
I just love being a baby!

Well, I did it! During maternity leave I wanted to make a sunflower wreath for my front door! I did it the last week, but's done!

Have a blessed day!! :)

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  1. So many great photos. I love the one of C and MB where C is crying, so cute. The one of Collins in his C onesie, in the hat, the sweet dreams one and the last one of Collins just hamming it up and being cute. That picture of Trent asleep on the boppy cracks me up! Thank you so much for sharing that fun photo. You mom's Derby feast looks delicious!

    I have no answers about the toe nails.