Friday, May 6, 2011

One Week Left!

So many mixed emotions as my maternity leave comes to a close...

1. Leaving Collins...These past 11 weeks have been pure bliss. I've been so fortunate to be able to watch his every move and blush at his toothless smiles. He makes me so happy. My heart has never loved so intensely!
2. BeeBee....So thankful that my mom lives here in town. She will be watching Collins and this makes me feel so good! I can go to work, concentrate on the kids, and not worry about where he is. He will get all the loving he needs...if not more. xo
3.Going back to work...I can't wait to see my students. I've missed them so much and can't wait to spend the last three weeks with them. Do I miss the grading, report cards, etc? Nope, but I do miss my sweet 5th graders. They are like my little best friends!
4. A life change...It's going to be different going back to work this time. I have a little person at home that needs me and I will need to work on balancing work, life, and family. I've been a workaholic since I took my teaching job in '05. One of the first to get to work and more than not, one of the last to leave. I hope I can give 110% to my job and my family. It's going to be an adjustment.
5. If you're still reading this, help! I need words of encouragement and need to know that I can do this. At times I feel nervous about this all and it's getting hard to fall asleep at night. I know it's only three weeks until summer, but it's going to be a huge change for me. I haven't been away from my baby for 11 straight weeks. Here I go tearing up...on to better things!!

My sister sent me this cute! I hope Collins is not this forward with kissing! hehe

Collins and I went on a fantastic walk with Kristin and Eliza Jane this morning. We went to the arboretum and had fun chit-chatting the entire way. Eliza Jane had fun dropping her toys along the way and Collins slept the entire time. I just love spending time with K. We never have a lack of things to talk about...especially now that we are mommies!

I got to babysit Cole on Wednesday! Cole is Matt and Trisha Layow's little bundle of fun! He was such a good one year old!!

Easter Egg Hunt!

Buds for life!

Playing piano! He laughed when I played, "Mary had a Little Lamb!"

Just precious!

Snack time! Quite yummy little treats...I had to try one!

Well, I'm two weeks into the 10K training program and doing ok! I finished 1.5 miles last night and felt pretty good through it all. I stopped one time to get my breath back while holding onto a tree...pretending I was stretching! ha I've learned how to cope. This long distance running this is scary and expensive! I've had to get new 'running' shoes (when I did track I only ran in spikes), new socks (so I don't lose a toenail), new music on my shuffle, and I'm looking into getting a stopwatch. Who would have thought? I guess when you start a new hobby (can I call it that?!) it's not cheap! Monday starts the 2 mile week. Yowzers!

Call us crazy I know, but yes, we took Bitty to Rincon! It was Cinco de Mayo and I just had to have my white queso dip...9 months of not having this was too much! ha! Melisa-Beth and Matthew met us there and we had a fun time! Bitty did have quite the explosion so I did have to run home to change him and his clothes! haha
The love of my life!

The second love of my life! haha

Such great babysitters! :)
Just some favorite pics!!

Can these cheeks have too many kisses?

Sleeping Beauty!

Watching ESPN :)

Morning time with mommy! We love to lay in bed together!

This is new! 

So active!!

When you're on the run, changing diapers in the car becomes second nature. :)

Just so happy all the time!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mommies and soon to be mommies! There is nothing better! We are so blessed!


  1. Oh Maegan! I wanted to cry for you when I read your post! I remember that feeling when I went back to work and left Laurelei for the first time! It is hard, but luckily it gets easier with each passing day. I still have a hard time coming back to work after a long break, but somehow God gives me the peace I need!

    And, just think, you have something new to look forward to too! The excitement you will feel everyday you leave work to go pick Collins up! Knowing you are about to snuggle your precious little one will make every single afternoon new and exciting! Laurelei is 2 and a half and I still feel that way.

    Good luck! I will be praying for you next week!

  2. Maegan,

    Yes you can do it!! Between your faith, family, and focus. You will get through these daunting days of adjusting to not being with Collins 24/7. The nice thing for you is that it is only for 3 weeks this time. So ease into it, understand it may be tough and emotional, and allow yourself time to adjust. Please don''t beat yourself up over your unsettled feelings about returning to work and not being with Bitty all day. So glad your mom is there to watch (and spoil) Collins for you. Collins could not be in better hands besides your own.
    Sending virtual hugs across the many miles. Know I will be thinking of you and praying for peace for you as you adjust to this new normal.
    Love ya, A

  3. Oh how all working mamas have so been there! Your feelings are normal and to be expected. At the beginning it will be hard, but you are so blessed to be a teacher and you are so blessed to have your mama taking care of your little one. I didn't appreciate the fact that I was a teacher/mom until Ivy was almost one. First look at all your breaks- to soak up your baby and get yourself energized to go back into the next stretch of teaching. And then it hit me- how lucky am I that 20+ moms trust me with their little ones EVERY day. I am a mom at work to those little ones which in turn will pay off with each stage of my own children. I know I am making a difference in those little lives while my own children become secure in the fact that someone else can love and take great care of them and that at the end of the day Mommy will return with enough hugs and kisses to remind them how much I love them. Working helps me to be more organized and put plans into actions to keep me BALANCED. I have to trust every day that I am doing what God has called me to do- be a mom and a teacher. I am so excited for you to go back to work and see how your perspective as "teacher" has changed. When you celebrate with a student- you will remember how it feels to celebrate with Collins. When you discipline a student- you will remember how it feels to discipline Collins. When you have a student who is crying- you will remember the way you embrace Collins when he is sad. Becoming a mom changed who I was as a teacher. The best part about going back to work soon- you are on the count down to a mommy filled summer!!! :) I will be thinking of you and saying a prayer for you! You can do it- you are an awesome teacher and without a doubt an awesome mama!