Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First Day Back!

The day was just perfect thanks to my wonderful co-workers, friends, and family!

 I came into my classroom, anxious as ever, to find flowers from Collins!! What an immediate calm. Trent (even though he is still adament about saying it was all Collins) had taped a little note to the flowers. It was the sweetest little note that started with "Mommy...." It melted my heart! Thank you Trent. :)

My sweet friend and co-worker Sara had a cookie cake, large diet coke from Chick-Fil-A, and a class rap prepared and ready! She is such a dear friend and I couldn't do it all without her! Ladies that I work with had flowers, cards, more presents for the baby, and such sweet hugs. I appreciated every ounce of love!

We had a little pizza party for my sub that took over for me while I was on maternity leave! Our little gift to her!

My wonderful mom watched Collins the entire day and I felt so at ease just knowing how much love he was getting throughout the day. Mom sent me pics to help me get through the day! Seeing Collins motivated me to keep pushing on!

That night we celebrated Collins' three month birthday! Since he talks SO much now, we had a "GOO" party! Month one was the milk party and month two was the smile party!

Found these at Cracker Barrell! I was looking for Goo-bers, but found this little gem! Too perfect!

Aunt Sis, Matthew, and Matthew's nephew Will

Rocking the night away...

On Sunday, my sister and I held a relief efforts party at my home. We packed up hygiene kits to be sent to Japan and Alabama. We had tons of items donated and were able to pack 46 kits! We had lots of little kiddos at the event and it was so neat to see them so eager to help. The moms even said that they had shown their little ones pictures of the flooding, tornado damage, etc. to help them understand who they were helping. Powerful. If these little hands continue to give our world will be a beautiful place! Thank you to everyone that donated money, items, and time!

Packing bags!!



Caron and Collins! They finally meet!

One loved baby!

I was craving lettuce wraps last night so who did I turn to? Rachael Ray! I altered the recipe a little (I added cheese too) and they turned out great! They are called Barbecue Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps. They were scrumptious!
Added noodles with the wraps!
Here are some pictures from my last day home with gummy bear! We slept in and I literally held him the entire day. I cried most of the day too. It was a hard day! xoxo

Sweet! Look at the wrist roll!

He loves links! He holds onto them and sucks on them

PS: Prayers for the Prothe family as they mourn the loss of Loren. They go to our church and are such wonderful people. Loren's daughter is getting married on Saturday and this just breaks my heart. Please pray for his sweet daughter...for her to be able to focus on one of the most beautiful days of her life...for her to have peace....strength to get through the day and to know her daddy is still watching. xo So hard!


  1. How cute are you all! I love the relief party!

  2. Love this post!! :) Made me smile the entire time I was reading! (except for your church friend's mom, so so sad, will say a prayer!) XO

  3. So glad your first day back was a good one, memorable and fun too. Love that you hosted the relief party and girl you are SUPER organized and a great hostess.

    Thanks for all the sweet photos of Collins and yay for seeing more of mommy in these. Bee Bee is one blessed lady.