Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Mother's Love

I guess I should apologize for the long post you are about to read. Just lots to share...

First, I want to thank all of my sweet friends for the support and motivation as I head back to school this week. I keep counting down the days in my head, but that only makes me anxious. I'm going to stop counting, cuddle with my baby, not clean, and just snap 500 pictures...well I do that anyways. :) This is the precious time that all mothers want to hold onto forever.

As I say this, tears well up. This past Wednesday my dear friend's mommy passed away from a long tough battle with cancer. She was a loved woman of 65 years and as I listened to the homily it was comforting to know that she was a true woman of Christ. She lived her life helping others and leading them to the light. When I imagine the love that she had for her three children, it overwhelms me. I lose my breath thinking of how much I love Collins and he's only three months old. I hope my sweet friend is comforted in knowing that her mom loved her so very much. I pray for peace, strength, and hearts full of memories that will never forget. A Mother's love is forever and sweet friend, I promise you there is enough to last you your entire life. xo

In our trek to St. Louis, Trent and I had some of the best conversations. He just gets me. He knows my heart, he knows what I want in life, and he knows what makes me cry, laugh, or turn red. He's my best friend and I cherish our relationship so much. Thank you Trenty for always listening to me as I talk in circles. And, thank you for driving me to St. Louis so I could be there for my friend. You made it possible!

While in St. Louis I got to see one of my best friends from college. It was on sad terms, but her hugs always make things better. We brought Collins along with us, because we started the drive on Mother's Day and feedings are much needed! I wanted to be able to be with my baby on Mother's Day and all day Monday. Did I sit in the back? Of course! :)

My backseat friend!

Meeting Aunt Gina! xo

Uncle Brian!!!

Sweet Lilly!

Oh, how I miss you!

After the funeral, Gina and I went to meet Trent. He had taken Collins to the mall and somehow, his clothes were undone! :) It was hot! Collins loves time with his daddy!

Gina's great decorating. :) PS: Glad the sign made the wall!!! xo

Worn out! Look at those cheeks!

Mother's Day was beautiful and hard. My dear friend was in my thoughts the entire day as she spent the day without her mommy. It just made me realize even more how precious time is while your loved ones are here. :) Trent and I woke up and spent time in bed with our sweet little baby. Trent surprised me with Starbucks and oatmeal (my faves!). We then went to church, had a nice buffet at the Marriott (again! hehe), and then came home to open gifts and hang out together. MB motivated me to run with her and boy, was I nervous! She's run a mini marathon and me, I'm struggling with a mile! Well, we did it and when I wanted to stop, she pushed me harder.We ran 1.5 miles in 13 minutes. For all you long distance runners this may seem like snail speed, but I was so happy to have finished without stopping! Today is 2 miles and I'm a little intimidated.

What a great day!

Mommy, Daddy, and Collins xo

Collins' gift to BeeBee!

Thank you Trent! He knows how much I need coffee these days! :) Collins got me a new phone so I can take clearer and better pictures of him on the go! Sometimes it's just easier to whip out my phone instead of my enormous camera! :)
So very special to me. Thanks Mom and Dad!

I will treasure these First Mother's Day cards forever! :)

Thank you for a wonderful first Mother's Day! xo

And, last but not least, Collins turned 3 months yesterday! He is so full of life and his smiles give me reason to be the best mommy I can possibly be! Just in the last month he's learned to drool all over the place, find his hands indefinitely for soothing, follow movements with his eyes, stare at pictures, giggle, smile even more, lift his head 45-90 degrees, and have long converstations with people (well, you know "goos")! His daddy and I just love him to pieces!

So proud of him!!

Loves those hands!

Collins Paul...you make my life SO awesome!

He knew what to do!

There's that smile that I love!

Trying to sit up on his own!


So blessed! Have a fantastic Tuesday!

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