Saturday, July 7, 2012

:) Back in Action!

Mark my word. I am not moving until all {4} of my kids are old enough to move boxes and unpack. :) Lol. I'm kidding....well, not really. Ha! I'm staying put for a LOOOOONG time! I am SO thankful for my parents who have so unselfishly let us stay at their home for month. We thought it would be a couple weeks, but demo never goes as planned. I should have known...I watch HGTV every night.

No pics of the house just yet, but it's baby blue, orange/coral, and tan! Almost all of the rooms are ready to go, except for the kitchen. The counter top folks came in and the island was designed wrong. They said it wasn't going to hold the counter, so the kitchen is on hold...but we do have a fridge plugged in!!

The most incredible thing right now in my life is my summer bible study. It's making me realize so much about myself, my faith, and where I want and need to go. It's called, NOT A FAN, and it has a morning, afternoon, and evening lesson/reflection to complete. It's about becoming a follower of Jesus....inside and your church/home every part of your's about including Jesus in all you do. It's life changing and I'm so blessed to be doing it with such wonderful women that hold me accountable during the day. We text eachother and encourage eachother. We accept eachother and love one another unconditionally. I want to do this study again....any takers?!?!

And my sweet baby boy. Oh, I love him so. He says: dada, momma, outside, yes, yea, car, Lucie-"ucie", light, and a few more. He points at things, blows kisses by smacking his hand to his lips, waves, and LOVES to be outside. He is a lover of dogs, cheese, fruit, and goldfish. His little dimples melt my heart and his big brown eyes get bigger every day! His belly actually looks skinny when he wakes up and when he goes down to bed he looks like Santa. :) heart explodes with love for him!!!

Always wants my water!! Big boy!


Love you Collins!

Happy 5 Year Anniversary to the love of my life! 7.07.07! I'm more in love with him than I've ever been. :) He's the BEST best friend around! Can't believe I met him 11 years ago!


  1. Happy Anniversary! That Bible Study sounds great. I need to get involved in one, I bet it helps you keep perspective on just about everything! Hope you're having a good summer.

  2. yay, happy 5 years!

    that sounds amazing to be texting each other and sounds like you all are in the same place! is everyone in your group SAHM's or would you all ever think about doing it later in the day? i would love to check out that study...where did you get it?

  3. I've missed you!

    Looking forward to a virtual photographic tour of your new home.

    Happy anniversary to you and Trent and happy house warming too.

    Amy F.

  4. happy 5 years!! excited that you all are getting settled in your new home :)

  5. Hi Maegan! Stumbled across your blog, congrats on the new house and Collins is such a cutie! Also, I'm with Megan, I'm not a sahm but if you all ever do an evening study I'd be interested in joining! xoxo Erica

  6. Lol!!! I said the same thing about moving when we moved in our house when I was 3 months pregnant. I couldn't do anything but it was still overwhelming. I can't imagine having all the kiddo stuff to move!! Ahhhhhhhh.

    I would be interested if/when you do the study again!! Thanks for the bday wishes too!

  7. Thanks everyone for the sweet anniversary wishes!! :) You guys are so kind!

    If I do the bible study again I will for sure let ya'll know!! :) It's incredible!

  8. Our small group recently did the Not A Fan study. It was wonderful and challenging all at the same time. Glad to hear you are enjoying it.