Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer Time Fun!

 We've been really busy the last few days and I love it! :) In the middle of it all I have a unpacked a few more boxes. Maybe have 5 left? We are SO close! :)

Playdate with Harper and her sweet mommy, Megan!
Harper always shares her puffs with Collins :)

Playdate with Gabriella, Eliza Jane, Lucie, and their sweet mommies! Gabriella's mommy wanted to get the two big girls together for a play date since they're about the same age!! They are too cute!
Sweet 2 year olds!
Wild, but sweet 17 month old!

Fun at home!
loves to clean.....

loves to put his head on Lucie!

loves to take his diaper off before he sleeps! What?!?!?!
Farmer's Market!
Sara and I found some pretty flowers! 15 for $5!

$5 boy shorts! :) 
Jay and Lindsay came to visit!!

Collins chasing the golf balls! 
Happy Weekend!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I bet the half naked baby was quite the surprise. Hope you don't find any unpleasant messes in the future from the diaper removing genie :).

    Love the farmer's market flowers. What a great find!

    Amy F.