Thursday, June 14, 2012

Movin' In!

Well, not technically :). We are living with my sweet parents until our home is ready! {Sidenote, if you know me, you know how much I love my family. So, it's been fun!} Right now the kitchen is being torn up, cable is being wired, and the cobwebs vacuumed. We are so excited to get into our home and hope we can in the next week and a half or so! We've heard our neighbors are sweethearts and we can't wait to meet everyone!

Having an infant has changed things a little. I think we may have already moved in and been ok with living in one room of our house. But, with no running water in one part of our house, tarps hanging in all door frames, dust floating just isn't safe for Collins right now. I keep reminding myself that we DID do this to ourselves. ha!

I do think that Collins knows his way around the home already. When we visit he goes to the same places, he knows which doors lead him outside, and he LOVES the areas that are a disaster. :) I hope he loves his new home as much as his mommy and daddy do. I've been working on getting his room and playroom together. We are sharing an area that is off of his's going to be a craft/playroom. :) Yesterday I was working on some father's day stuff and his toys were slowing creeping their way onto my side of the room. It's exciting to have a little craft space with cute little boy toys around!

Next week, we have painters, a carpet runner on the stairs being put in {for my wild man}, and hopefully the floors in the kitchen will be installed. Trent had a great idea and I'm getting excited about it. We are keeping all of the old kitchen cabinets and jazzing them up. We are putting one set in the laundry room and using two others in the family room for storage. Kinda neat!

Oh, and Nala! She loves her new backyard. She doesn't know what to do with the space. She loooves her doggy neighbors and likes to peak at the horses through the fence!
This is our new home!!! :) 
What color do you think would look good on the door???



  1. Your new home is BEAUTIFUL! I love the stone and the dormers. I would recommend painting the door charcoal gray -- it will have a very classic and clean feel. Just my thoughts!

  2. Wow, the house looks gorgeous! Love the wide brick walkway leading up to the front door. The stonework is amazing! Are those rose bushes on each side of the walkway? Love that you are able to put your own stamp on it. What about a classic black front door?


  3. P.S. Only ONE picture?!?! Sad face... I am used to more photos from you. I know that life is keeping you busier than usual though. I look forward to future photo filled posts. Maybe you could do a photographic before and after house tour?