Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Little Bit of Everything

Super busy these days, but don't want to get too far behind! Here's a little bit of everything the last couple weeks! xo Boy, are we ever in LOVE with our baby!

{Quick Facts- 17 months}
LOVES cars and anything with wheels
Says the word CAR all the time :)
Almost running!
4 eye teeth coming in all at once
Loves to find his bellybutton and mommy's bellybutton!
Still loves to be outside!
So good with his hands...he can piece little toys together, stack blocks, and work on puzzles
Hides or runs to anyone but me when I say, "Time to go night night!"
Tried to stand on his rocking horse and he loves jumping off his Collins chair {wild boy}
Loves steak, pork, chicken, cheese, watermelon, cheerios, goldfish, milk...veggies are still in the form of baby food....
Makes the cutest "ooohhhhh" sounds when something looks yummy or cool
Gives kisses and it makes me melt!!

{Fourth of July}

Trent's idea....

my momma's cute dessert

{5th Anniversary}

ADORE my little family xoxo

{Anything and Everything}

teaching Harper everything he knows :)

kisses for Collins!

Mommy tried to get a pic!

oh my mess!

he only does this when you're trying to rest :)

loves finding his bellybutton!

one of the many pics we sent to Trent when he this one!

Gabriella & Collins xo

wishes he had a girly hat :)

Collins' early 18 month gift from BeeBee   {thank you!}


PB & J sticky face
I'll post pics of the house soon! :) The plumber is coming soon to hook up the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, dishwasher, and water line to the fridge! Wahoo!!!

PS: I want to make this!! It's an old cheese tray!
Enjoy your day and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to two of the most loving, giving, and unselfish people I know! Love you Mom and Dad!!


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  1. Love the sweet pics! THE repurposed cheese tray is fab!