Friday, January 20, 2012

Too Sweet Friends and Matthew's Birthday!

Check out some of our latest visitors and the story behind each one is just the sweetest!

First, Trevor! Trevor is an old student of mine and one that I've loved helping to get ready for 6th grade! He's wanted to come see Collins so bad, so he said that as one of his rewards, he'd love to set up a play date with Collins! How sweet! What fifth grade boy has this as his reward for weeks and weeks of hard work??! I'm so impressed with Trevor's sweet heart...we had a blast!

Second, my sweet flower girls came over to see Collins. Rachel is also my Godchild, so these two girls just mean the world to me. We somehow found a quick 45 minutes in our crazy schedules one early afternoon! hehe :) Thanks for coming over!
Rachel, Collins, and Kyra!

Matthew's birthday was Wednesday and we had a GREAT time celebrating him! We have loved getting to know Matthew and I'm so thankful for him in my sister's life!
The BIG 2-6!

Happy Birthday!! He wanted my mom's peach cobbler!


I LOVE birthdays!!!
  What are Collins' new favorite things?!?!
Yup...climbing stairs....Luckily we have the gates up! This really gets his funny bone going...he will laugh and squeal on each step!!!

These Plum organic squeezy things.  Babies-R-Us had a great sale...3 boxes of these for $15. I made his day!
Have a WONDERFUL weekend! :)