Monday, January 16, 2012

Soaking in Every Minute...11 months and Trent's Bday!

Collins turned 11 months on January 9th, which was also Trent's birthday! A very special day!

I'll start with Trent's birthday! We went to Merrick Inn and sat at the exact same table that we sat at a year ago! We even had the same waitress! Too funny! We came back to our home to open gifts and eat cake! Before dinner, the three of us enjoyed a quiet day of watching movies and hanging out with our sweet baby!

My young hubby. :) Why did I have to turn 29 before him?!?! :)

Thinking it's still Christmas!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Chubby cheeks!

All of these January birthdays wear me out!
What is he doing now?!
  • He mimics kissy sounds (smacks his lips)
  • He gives kisses 'almost' on demand!
  • He figures out how his toys turn on and off
  • LOVES balls and loves throwing and bouncing them around the room
  • His hair falls over his ears about an inch! His hair grows like mommy's!
  • He has 4 teeth on top and 4 on the bottom! The two that are coming in on both sides of his 2 front teeth have been bugging him!
  • Not walking yet! When he stands, he holds on with one hand and he has great balance!
  • VERY vocal. Says, "Da-da". :)
  • He's a climber and climbed the entire staircase the other day with me behind him! He didn't even stop to take a breath!
  • He still does really well at nap time. I just put him in his crib and he falls asleep. I love watching him on his monitor. One day, he was laying on his back and he had his feet up on the crib railing....just relaxing!
  • Obsessed with opening EVERY drawer and cabinet. We have locks on a couple of them, but the others are free range. His little fingers are hard at work!
  • I think he may be getting over the separation anxiety phase! He warms up to people much more quickly!
  • His eyes are DARK, DARK brown. Hard to see his pupil sometimes!  (like his Papaw!)
  • Loves to ride and play in his Radio Flyer Wagon.
  • He will play by himself for about 30 minutes. Long attention span! He's cute to watch.
  • Still loves to cuddle when he has his morning and night time bottle!
  • LOVES yogurt, cheese, puffs, bread, lemons, tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, peas, fruits, really anything!
  • Temper tantrums are in effect! They last for about 4 seconds, but when he wants something, he wants something. He still does not enjoy getting his diaper or clothes changed. I try to be FAST!!
  • Holds on tighter when you go up and down stairs or bounce up and down. :)
  • Loves this little pony song that his GranPaul does with him. He bounces on his lap slow then fast. He anticipates the fast part and laughs. :)
  • A giggle machine!!
  • He squints his eyes for this funny little face he makes. He also tries to mimic faces and he ends up opening up his mouth really wide. So funny!

MOMMY FORGOT THAT IT WAS 2012!! On 1.9.11, he was in my belly!!!! hehe
Hello teeth!

My wild baby with AWESOME legs!

Love you lil baby xo

That puppy used to be bigger than him!

Loves to open and shut the barn doors

Something about the hair that he doesn't like! haha

Collins' 11 month party was themed around his temper tantrums! :) We had spicy buffalo chicken strip salads from Ramsey's for his 'hot temper'....cooled down with ranch. Everyone got Sour Patch Kids....sour then sweet'. :) And, we ate Trent's leftover Smore's Pie and Cookie Cake from his birthday! The 'sweet' part! :) We love you Collins and can't wait for your 1 year birthday!! We are planning away! :)

Thanks MB and Matthew for coming to every birthday party!!!!

Thanks Mom and Dad for coming to every party too!

I didn't think 11 months would go this fast. But, it's been absolutely wonderful and when you're having fun, time flies. xo

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  1. The second picture; which is the first one of Collins' in his shirt and tie with the wrapping paper and awesome expression is PRICELESS! Happy birthday to two of the wonderful men in your life!

    Amy F.