Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This Blog Has Been Hacked :)

Hi, Blog World! Aunt Sis, here :) I’m also known as Melisa-Beth, Maegan’s baby sister, but to Collins, I’m known as Aunt Sis. I’ve been stalking the blog world for a while now and figured it was finally time to hack big sister’s blog :)

 I know I may be a leeeetle biased, but is Collins not the most precious baby in the world? He is such a handsome boy and oh my, his little personality is coming out more and more every day. He cracks up everyone around him and I’m so proud to be his aunt.  Being an aunt is the best! I absolutely LOVE it. Seriously, there is nothing better or sweeter.

 The day I found out my big sissy was pregnant was one of the best days. My life was forever changed. The little bitty boppers has me wrapped around his little finger, which is just fine with this lady. For the most part, I think our love is mutual however, he may or may not be starting to develop little baby temper tantrums and I’m not going to lie, I may or may not egg him on because {for now}, it is just so darn cute, ha! Clearly, big sissy appreciates this ;)

 You never know – I may be back in the future with a couple more blog hackings {more structured, I promise}, but for now, I thought I’d start off our blog friendship showing y’all some things we enjoy, Aunt Sis – Collins style, of course :)

{No worries, right after this picture was taken, I blocked the stroller from the sun}

Until next time, Blog World, I’ll be back!

Love Love, Aunt Sis


  1. Well if a blog is going to be hacked, I can't think of a more beautiful person to do it! Thanks for stopping by and sharing a bit about yourself MB. I totally agree with you about how being an aunt is the best. Collins is very to lucky to have such a special lady as his aunt.

    Hugs to you, Amy F.

  2. Hi MB!!! What a great guest blogger :) Love the pictures... they are adorbale!!! Maybe you should have your own blog?!?!?!