Wednesday, March 6, 2013

3rd Trimester!! :)

:) 28 weeks! This was the week that our high risk doctors told us was most important for the twins and their development. I'm so thankful that we made it this far! Praise God!! I do feel like I'm going to bust open at any moment though!

The docs want us to come every 2 weeks now and I can't believe it!! We are getting close! I've been told to just take everything easy. With the babies being the combined weight of a full term baby, contractions could start at any time. I'm so blessed to have a 2 year old who can be very independent! :)  Plus....he likes to cuddle and read books. Sweet baby!

Differences from this pregnancy and Collins' pregnancy:

  • The babies are shooting out forwards....with Collins, he was on the sides too
  • I feel the babies in my ribs and my hips....with Collins I only felt a few jabs to the ribs :)
  • The babies wake each other up! 
  • I eat smaller meals more often because of space....with Collins I ate as much as I could at a meal...ha
  • It's difficult to sit in a 90 degree angled chair because of Amelia being so low
  • Haven't moved as fast on the nursery, baby book, etc.....whoops!!
  • Items are being donated to us from sweet friends! It's been so helpful!!!
  • Blood pressure has been wonderful this time around!!
  • A little more worried about how things are going to work out this time....but putting my full trust in the Lord. He is faithful and sovereign!! 
  • Same weight gain :), but clothes are fitting different?!
  • Same food cravings: root beer, water w/ lemon, pizza, FRUIT!!, sweets, milk, caffeine free diet coke and Starbucks
  • Can't wait for them to get here!
  • Supportive hubby and family!
  • Despise getting ready in the mornings :).....just want to stay in pj's!
  • When I sing, the babies calm down! Collins would literally stop moving completely!
  • LOVE them ALL so much!!!!
What a great BIG brother he's going to be :)

May God bless your week abundantly!

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  1. Praise God for the passing of this milestone. And for the blessing of an awesome big brother for Amelia and Andrew.

    So excited for you. Continued prayers!!

    Has their growth equaled out?

    Amy F.