Monday, March 18, 2013

Nursery and 30 Week Pics!!

Andrew and Amelia's Nursery!

Mommy LOVES you sweet babies and I can't wait to meet you! :)

**Thank you Mom and Sissy for helping to make the nursery so special! And Dad, thanks for watching the big brother so we could get work done! xoxo

View from the stairs

Ordered raw wood letters and scalloped circle from Etsy and had fun painting :)

one of my favorite lamps that we got at our wedding! 

:) attached the chalkboard to the scalloped circle 
Loooove bunnies!!

the white wicker furniture was my baby furniture!! we purchased one additional piece and TWO cribs to finish it out! :)

:) Possible Halloween costume idea!? :)

LOVE all the twin books....didn't know there were so many!

still looking for some kind of curtain or valance
Amelia's all-girl bedding xo

just waiting for Amelia!
turned my old dresser into a changing table

pictures from Etsy

Andrew's sweet boy bedding xo

waiting for Andrew!
seeing two cribs REALLY makes it real!
a fun closet full of boy AND girl goodies!!

 Okay, these are not as fun, but here are a couple of 30 week pics. The babies are doing great and my belly is measuring 37.5 weeks! I feel it! :) Just keep cooking sweet kiddos. I'll make it!!!

30 weeks!!! guessing twins are 3-3.5 lbs here 

WHOA babies!


  1. What a sweet little nursery!!! You all did a great job, Maegan! You look ADORABLE--all baby of course. :) Just one thing--you are going to need a WAAAAY bigger space for bows!!! He he!

  2. becky barnes3/18/13, 5:15 PM

    Oh maegan... its precious! You look wonderful. I know how miserable carrying twins can be. Just keep hanging in there. Your doing great!

  3. The nursery is beautiful and so sweet. You look amazing - just glowing, Maegan!

  4. Sara, Thank you!!! I've been giggling ever since I read your post about the bows!! hahaha Too funny!

    Stephanie, Thank you!!! :) LOVE when you post pics!!

    Becky, Thank you!!! I appreciate your sweet comments!! I ALMOST messaged you to be your hair model tomorrow. :) But, I had something at that time. :)

    Lindy, Thank you!!! Hope you guys are doing great! Love seeing pics of your sweet kiddos in your new home!

  5. Maegan,

    There are so many things I love, lOvE, LOVE, about this post; from the wall color, to your repurposed baby furniture, the gorgeous lamp, the books, the view, the amazing crib bedding, and the wall art. But, most of all I love seeing the pictures of you happy and glowing as you continue growing your two abundant blessings; Andrew and Amelia!

    Continued prayers for you and yours. Please keep us update as you can.

    Love and hugs to you, Amy F.

  6. Hi! I was wondering how you attached the changing table top to the wicker? I have a wicker dresser that I'm trying to do the same thing with. Any help would be great!! :)

  7. Hi! I was wondering how you attached the changing table to the wicker dresser. I'm trying to do the same thing, but wasn't sure how to get it to hold to wicker. Thanks for your help!! The nursery looks awesome!

    1. Hi! :) it was from Land of Nod I believe! It has a little kit that comes with it! Check it out and see if they still have it!! Thank you!!