Monday, February 18, 2013

Collins is 2!!!

Oh my heavens! One minute they are learning how to roll over and the next they are turning 2! The week leading up to his birthday was hard....I was busy making a slideshow of his last year and the tears would stream every time I worked on it. The memories were so sweet, but so hard to stomach. My little boy is growing up and I don't want him to. There I said it. :)

Trent and I are so proud of the little guy that he is becoming. He's sweet, cuddly on his own terms (hehe), passionate, GOOFY as can be, headstrong, and very smart. He loves food (fruit!!), puzzles, stickers, books, his blankie, cars, trains, climbing the stairs, watching movies, throwing items, and sitting on the couch like a big boy! He could do without vegetables, macaroni and cheese, getting diapers changed, and getting in his car seat. :)

He's a tall boy in the 95th percentile and a strong boy in the 90th percentile for weight. :)

Here's a few shots from his 2nd birthday party!!

Last birthday with just us 3! xoxo



  1. He is one sweet, blessed two year old with fantastic parents who are giving him a strong foundation of faith, love, discipline, and guidance.

    Amy F.

  2. You all are such a beautiful family. You are truly awe-inspiring and I love seeing such extraordinarily fabulous updates about your wonderful life! Happy Birthday, Collins!