Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Month by Month up to 5!

We are 25 weeks now!!!! :) Yes, that's 6 months (hehe), but we haven't taken our 6 month pic just
yet. :)

Here are some bump pics and I've compared them to the pics from when I was preggo with Collins. :)

Month 1 (not really showing in either pic)

Month 2 (TWINS are the first pics)

Month 3

 Month 4

Feeling huge!!

Month 5 (There's no use in comparing to my other 5 month photo)

Here's me at 9 months with Collins :).....................same size as I am now!!!!

WHOA twins! :)



  1. You are SO beautiful (so blessed to know that your inner beauty outshines your outer beauty).

    Thank you for sharing photos of the A&A baby bump, especially in comparison to Collins baby bump photos.

    Love you, Amy F.

  2. Thank you sweet girls so much! :)