Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Andrew and Amelia are doing wonderful. I am sooo thankful! We had a little scare and was sent to labor and delivery, but all is well. Turns out it's a vein issue because of the pressure of the babies. Nothing a little relaxation and support hose won't fix. :) lol

At 24 weeks, Andrew was 1 lb. and 8 oz. and Amelia was 1 lb. and 13 oz! I can't believe Amelia is approaching the 2 lb mark! WHOA! All of their measurements were the same except for their weights. Amelia's belly is a little bigger.

Prayers: Prayers for Amelia to keep eating and for Andrew to eat more. They are both above average in their weights, but Amelia's belly is 5 oz. bigger than Andrew. Guess she likes to eat! Thank you!!!!

Amelia wouldn't show her face, but we got a quick shot of Andrew. I'm in love. Amelia, we'll see you at delivery and it will be SO special!!! :)

Here are some shots of the nursery!! It's coming together!! (my pictures won't center....sorry!)
Collins and Daddy SUPER busy putting up 2 cribs!
                                        Love these sweet little prints. :) The bunny one is Collins, Amelia and Andrew!

Close up of the dot sheets!! Aunt Sissy bought them their own little BLABLA doll. Andrew's hadn't arrived yet at the time of this pic.

Amelia's bedding, but with the sheets posted above

Andrew's bedding, but with the sheets posted above!

Getting SO excited and SO thankful for the help we've had in making a nursery for 2 possible! God is so good.



  1. Glad the scare turned out to be something benign and easily remedied with rest and support hose.

    Continued prayers for health, including equalizing growth of those babies.

    Looks like Amelia and Andrew will have a sweet nursery to share.

    That picture of Collins helping Trent assemble the cribs is priceless.

    Love and hugs, Amy F.

  2. Thanks Amy! :)

    I appreciate your prayers so much! Miss you!