Thursday, October 11, 2012 favorite!

Yep, we're busy as we can be and I'm sorry to be SO far behind on the posts!! :)

Few updates on the Waltz Family:

  • Collins turned 20 months! He's starting to really use his words and I'm so proud of him!
  • If we go a week without a bruise I'm a happy mommy :) 
  • Collins is still in his crib and will be until he climbs out!
  • He still eats about everything but veggies...still wants them in baby food form?!
  • I turn 30 in less than a week! Whoa baby. So thankful for so much!
  • Trent is just the best and is staying busing with conference call after conference call xo (Thank you for all you do for our family!) He can be found in the basement playing pop-a-shot, tickling Collins, trying to get the pool closed for the winter, or with me! 
  • I've been busy with teaching Sunday school to 9 year olds, teaching 2 year olds about Jesus, going to a grown up bible study and mom group :), escorting children/adult authors around town to their events, helping my church out with singing and their website, and the best? Being a mommy :). 

Pictures to get caught up!
choo-choos at the library

this child loves to dip...thank you Gerber for your baby dippers!
stealing daddy's bacon!!

aunt sissy gave talking 'robert' to collins...he's fascinated with it
my boy xoxo
my boys xoxo

sorbet baby
starting to get chilly!

go cats!

sweet, sleepy face

wild monkey face
the blog is doing funky things, but I had to post this it!!!
I hope your weekend is blessed in a mighty way!!
Maegan :)

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  1. Maegan,

    Thank you for the update! I've been missing you all. Glad things are going well despite the busyness of life.

    Collins is as cute as ever.

    A happy 30th birthday to you! May God continue to richly bless you and your family. May you continue to share your strong faith and love of God through all seasons of life with those you come in contact with. You are an amazing witness for Him.

    Tell me about the author escorts...How did you get in on those gigs?

    Amy F.