Sunday, October 28, 2012

30th Bday Celebrations!!

Turning 30 wasn't bad at all! :) It was wonderful!! Could be one of my favorites!

Here are some pics from my birthday out at my parents' home!! We had a fun, relaxing night full of my favorite food and of course there were some silly 30th decorations. :)
My little family :)

Dad's ready to eat mom's special 3 course meal :)
just SO fun!

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happy boy xo
He will always be the center of attention :)

So, last night I truly thought Trent and I were headed to date night. Trent said he wanted a good steak and I wanted to see a movie. :) Turns out my family's plans were WAY better than that :). 
Headed to date night! When we get to the restaurant one my best friends from college was sitting at the table with her husband! They drove in from STL. I screamed and couldn't stop hugging her!!! :) 
This is her!! Gina! :)

**Before party pics**
Then, we come home and there's a party!!!!!!!!
Sissy and my mom truly outdid themselves. Everything was just SO cute! 

The caramel apple bar....yummy!!!!

Hot apple cider and pom-poms everywhere!

So sweet to hear about 25 dear friends and family singing Happy Birthday. God has blessed me with the most incredible friends and family! And, I so appreciated the sweet phone calls and kind gifts on my birthday from sweet friends and family far away! Wish you lived in Lexington!!

Ruffle cake :) 
Sissy is SO crafty!

Little guy helping :)

We didn't take a lot of pics and I'm sad!!, but here is one!! Brian, Gina, Me, Trent, Danielle, and Kyle!
It was a great night! I haven't stayed up until 1 in a LONG TIME! :)

Collins pumpkin painting earlier in the day! :) So happy!!!


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  1. Collins looks so much older in that 2nd pic!

    You deserve to have been showered with love at your surprise party. Glad to see you were celebrated and lauded, as a woman of your faith, beauty, kindness, and spirit should be.

    Was the surprise party at your house? Love the look of your kitchen. That island is amazing! The chevron curtains on the window are awesome too. I also love the "eyelid" windows above the regular windows by the fridge. The way the crown molding changes to allow for those windows is beautiful and appealing to the eye. I have never seen anything like that. Love your soothing wall color too.

    Hugs, Amy