Monday, October 29, 2012

Crafting :)

My little love bug designing his Halloween creatures....
We had fun and I loved watching his little chubby fingers push down the pieces! LOL And, I was excited to be able to use some old crafts from my teaching years!!

I like his better than mine!!


  1. Coley Rainford11/19/12, 5:25 PM

    i hope this isn't too awkward... my hubby, Seth, went to school with you and Trent and just loves you guys. We haven't gotten the opportunity to meet, but I have followed your blog (we have a 2 yr old and 5 month old..) and am so feeling called to connect with you. I love the way you pursue God and live so fully for Him... So excited for you guys and the BIG news.. Please feel free to contact me ....
    Thanks for being an inspiration and encouragement as a mommy and wifey!
    Coley Rainford

  2. Coley, you are SO sweet! I wrote you a longer message on your hubby's FB messaging. I couldn't find you on FB! :) LOVE hearing from you!! I'd love to all get together! xo