Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Land and Jesus' LOVE Downtown

I. Love. Decorating. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a teacher....but being some kind of interior decorator or stager sounded so wonderful to me too! I am constantly moving things around my home, taking things to consignment or Goodwill, and bringing in new things. It's a passion of mine and Christmas decorating just about makes my heart explode!!

Enjoy the pics and a  BIG THANK YOU to How Does She?  and Pinterest for the Christmas banner and scripture tree printable! I'm in love!

Merry Christmas!!!! Thanks Momma for the snowman and candy lawn decorations!!!

A family  'passed down' Santa!
Trent surprised me with this during our first year of marriage! We were decorating and didn't have anything for the door. The next day I came home and there was a wreath on the door. So sweet!

I LOVE all of the baby stuff!!!

Passed down china!

Our winter scene!

Always!!! :)

Thanks Momma for the special birthday present. xo

A new family tradition for the advent calendar. We've taken Collins to see the firehouse lights, we gave daddy Hershey's kisses, and there's lots more fun and good in store! If you'd like the bible story cut apart and separated, I can email you the file. Just leave your email in the comments below. I'm using Matthew and Luke. :) I've cut the verses apart and then I've glued them on cardboard! (Thanks Patrice for the bible story idea!!!)

Collins is Day 1! We made a special letter for him to introduce the new family tradition!

Day 4: I just have to share this incredible story. Trent and I decided that we would bring a meal downtown to someone hungry. We drove around for 30 + minutes and were so incredibly grateful that we couldn't find anyone. We were on our way home and I kept praying, "Lord, if there is a hungry man or woman, please lead us to them. We have a lot of food here!" Trent took a different turn and right on the corner there was a man whose sign said, "Hungry." Not money, not need a ride, etc. Just HUNGRY. I had tears in my eyes as I delivered to meal to him. We watched him tear off the spoon and take a bite. He ran over to stairs nearby and sat down. Jesus loves him SO much that he lead us straight to him. Wow. I really felt Jesus' love last night.

Collins and his nativity set from BeeBee. I LOVE IT!

It's hard to keep him out of the decorations....hehe
Next up, Santa pics!!! He didn't cry!!!!! :)


  1. love your house decorations! they are beautiful! and i keep telling you, you need to come and decorate my home!

  2. So sweet Mae! Love the decorations and the Jesus story! Can't wait to see in person tomorrow! :)

  3. I love all your christmas decorations- cutting apart the story and having readers! I am impressed that all your stuff is surviving a crawler :) and your meal story made me have chill bumps. God takes care of everyone! You all were used in a big way that night ;)

  4. Thanks for your super sweet comments. :) God DOES take care of everyone and I am so blessed that he used me the other night to help someone else. Merry Christmas friends!